A physician story of addiction and recovery

by an anonymous physician

I am a physician now in recovery.

I don’t like that term. The correct thing to say is, I am sober.  I am going on a year sober without any problems. Recovery suggests some disease state and I don’t think it is that simple.  It also suggests an ongoing daily struggle or effort to remain sober, and I don’t find that the case, either.  I know this …

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Medical errors that involve handwritten prescriptions

by Daphne Swancutt

Two people in the United States just died in the last hour. Seventeen more will die in the next 7 to 8 hours. Over a year, that number will accumulate to about 7,000.

The reason? Medical errors that include misread or otherwise misinterpreted handwritten prescriptions. Believe it. This means that doctors are being sloppy, pharmacies are making mistakes and people are getting dead.

Even more …

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