When I was two years old, I ran naked through my living room. Mom reached out and playfully swatted my rump. I skidded to a stop, planted my fists on my little hips, and faced off. “Don’t touch that! It’s mine!” Everyone who knows me and hears the story just laughs and says my sassy started early. Now, I read story after story of inappropriate comments made to women, and I ...


Another youthful slaughter, then a rote parade of shattered students, cacophony to ban all guns or arm every citizen.  Candlelight vigils, flowers, teddy bears mark the passing of more datapoints into statistical analyses of carnage. It’s sound and fury and no action. Dr. Megan Ranney penned the piercing “5 things America can do today to reduce gun deaths." I submit 7 things America can’t do to reduce mass violence. You ...


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