Relax to the smooth harmonies of Gary Corzine's singing anesthetists, the Laryngospasms.

Emergency physician and smooth rhymin' rapper Christopher Hahn with a fantastic rap about right heart strain.

What should medical students know about treating patients? The Stanford University School of Medicine shows you.

Well said, Zubin.

With the nursing shortage, you'd think it would be easier to get a license. Soon to be nurse Stephanie Olmanni sings about her plight to Adele's "Hello."

Thinking about going to medical school?  Watch this video first.  Eric Strong shares what he wish he knew before applying to medical school.  Wise advice, and a must-view for all pre-meds.

ZDoggMD has company.  Another physician rapper is in our midst: emergency medicine resident Christopher Hahn, over at the EMC.   Here's one about diagnosing cardiac tamponade by ultrasound.   I heart the rhymes!

If only being in the OR can be as smooth as the singing from Gary Corzine's group, the Laryngospasms.

Do you truly understand advance directives?  With the help of Green Day, emergency physician Michael Barton seeks to educate with this fantastic video.

Dr. Genevieve Yates is a family physician is Australia.  While while visiting friends in Los Angeles, her partner was hit and killed while out jogging. In her words:
Since he died, I’ve been trying to find things that are positive and helpful to make a very horrible situation feel a little less senseless. One of these is raising awareness of the dangers of unfit drivers on the road. I put together a Pecha Kucha talk to ...


Meet the courageous doctor who shoved a catheter all the way up his arm and into his own heart to prove that cardiac catheterization in a live human being was possible.  Produced by Fusion.

Dr. Ayan Panja is resident doctor for BBC World News.  In this TEDx talk, he shares his passion for generalism, which is something that is progressively less valued in the modern world. He argues that the need for generalists is still strong and looks at the ways in which generalists do things differently to specialists (not just in medicine).

Kelley Johnson's monologue from the 2016 Miss America competition was poignant and powerful. The hosts at The View chose to mock it instead.  Dr. Mike Sevilla provides a spark to help set the record straight:
What are the lessons here? First, do not, do not, do not, mess with nurses. Second, you really have to be careful what you say on live television these days, because with social media, ...


ZDoggMD educates with another epic Taylor Swift parody video.  Share to promote skin cancer prevention and sun protection!

What do EMTs do in between calls?  Talented folks, those first responders.

test9 copy It's time to celebrate diversity in surgery with the #ILookLikeASurgeon hashtag. Inspired by surgery resident Heather Logghe, who says it best: "As women surgeons, whether we are in our first year of training or an emeritus professor, it's most important that we ourselves believe we 'look' like surgeons. Because we do." And it's taken off. Below is a continuously-updated Storify of this movement. Spread the word!