March is colon cancer awareness month. Created by gastroenterologist Amit Sachdev, this video was selected by the American Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy as part of their colorectal cancer screening campaign.  Enjoy. Image credit:

Kafui Dzirasa, MD, PhD is a physician-scientist. Watch his compelling story on Black Men In White Coats.

Ejiofor Ezekwe, Jr., PhD, is a medical student. Watch his compelling story on Black Men In White Coats.

Pediatrician-rapper Young IV with some holiday safety tips.

ZDoggMD's take on mind-body medicine: "Western medicine has historically been appropriately skeptical of so-called mind-body approaches, given our tendency to want to explain causality in terms of molecules, receptors, and other such reductionism. After all, what do we call 'alternative medicine' that actually works? Medicine ... Let’s study it more, and let’s stop being afraid of the hippies."

Kevin Thomas is a cardiac electrophysiologist at Duke University Hospital.  Watch his journey.  Courtesy of Black Men In White Coats and Diverse Medicine.

Dr. Kwadwo Owusu-Akyaw is an orthopedic surgery resident at Duke University Hospital.  Watch his journey. Courtesy of Black Men In White Coats and Diverse Medicine.

ZDoggMD's ode to those who work in the outpatient clinic.  Medical assistants, billing specialists, nurse practitioners, front office staff, physician assistants, pharmacists, nurses, CNAs, phlebotomists, health coaches, techs, MDs, DOs, veterinarians. Health care wouldn't survive without you.

ZDoggMD's latest.  It's time to start a movement. #unbreakhealthcare

Treat Yourself: An ode to everyone suffering during this opioid epidemic. From the one and only ZDoggMD.

Physiatry resident Danielle Saenz previously shared her last year of medical school.  In her follow-up video, she shares the first year of residency.  Thank you for sharing your journey!

Danielle Saenz is a physiatry resident.  During her last year of medical school, she used her iPhone to record one second of every day.   She shares her journey in this special video.

"You care more about the computer than you do about me!" Thank you for creating what needs to be said, Healthcare Not Fair.

Pathologists ensure the safety of the blood supply.  Here's how they do it.  Created by the College of American Pathologists.

Watch how pathologists help the early detection of women's cancers.  Created by the College of American Pathologists.

Props to Elana Miller at Zen Psychiatry.  Truly inspiring.

21 minutes on the phone for a pre-authorization? Watch Dr. Ryan Neuhofel try to get a CT scan "approved." Take a deep breath, and press play. Want to escape pre-auth hell? Consider attending the Direct Primary Care Summit.

Be involved, and ask to see your pathology report.  Once you do that, the College of American Pathologists shows you how to read it.

Ever wonder where tissue samples go after they're taken? The College of American Pathologists shares their journey in this video.

Wes Fisher recently took his case against MOC to the AMA House of Delegates.  Watch how it went.

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