Essential clinician commentary on COVID-19 coronavirus from the KevinMD community


Trusted clinician commentary on COVID-19 coronavirus from the KevinMD community. Updated 3/29/2020, 9 am Eastern.

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  1. I am an ER doctor on the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight but I am counting my blessings
  2. The frontlines become the football field during Ramadan
  3. I am a physician, and I am scared
  4. When should we start having a discussion about palliative and end of life care?
  5. An emergency physician fighting on the frontline
  6. The absolute fear and loneliness of COVID-19 patients in the ICU
  7. Choose not what’s easy, but what is right
  8. The role of cardiac electrophysiologists in the coronavirus pandemic
  9. COVID-19: Social distancing is our responsibility. Vaccines are too.
  10. What is the role of medical students during the COVID-19 surge?

Most shared:

  1. A COVID-19 coronavirus update from concerned physicians
  2. A plea from an emergency physician on the front lines
  3. The idiot’s guide to coronavirus from an emergency physician
  4. An ER physician’s advice to the general public: How to flatten the curve
  5. It’s scary as hell to be a doctor right now
  6. We are not expendable. We are not replaceable.
  7. A pathologist’s message to the public
  8. I thought COVID-19 was overblown. I was wrong
  9. There are not enough nurses to care for the coronavirus pandemic
  10. In times of crisis, physicians will always come together to take care of you


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