A successful physician who is also successful in business

Successful and happy physician. But why stop there? What about successful businessman as well?

This is my story. And I’d love to share it. Maybe it’ll inspire someone else who works in health care.

I am very blessed. I am actually living out my childhood dream. When I was 15, and starting high school, I wrote down something for our class time capsule that was to be opened at our 10-year high school reunion. The exercise was to forecast your future occupation, and so I wrote what I already knew: that I wanted to be an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine. And I’m living out that dream. It is all that I ever wanted to do. With the help of some tremendous mentors, a lot of hard work, many stressful but successful board examinations, and a passion and commitment to my craft, I’ve got a pretty great job, and I’m happy doing what I do and caring for my patients.

But I realize something now, roughly 20 years after college graduation: There’s a portion of me that is unfulfilled. I’m different now. I pursued a childhood and early adulthood dream, and it’s going great. But I recognize that after 25+ years of being singularly focused on achieving one goal and aspiring to do it at the highest level, that I’m not only capable of more, but that I also crave to do, and to be, more.

It took a recent conversation with a new colleague of mine in Chicago a couple of months ago to help me understand this about myself: There’s a portion of me that lacks fulfillment.

What, you say?  Why?

Let me explain. I have come to not only understand but to embrace the other interests that I have outside of my daily professional life. I am curious about business, finance, and investing. This is a whole new world for me, and I find it fascinating. It has unlocked a passion and a hunger that I did not even realize that I had. And now I am really and truly acting upon it.

A combination of opportunity and circumstances has allowed me to join a venture capital firm. It’s been life-changing for me. I’m becoming engrossed and entrenched in the language and lifestyle of business, investing, and financial matters. I really love it. It’s inspiring to me. And what exactly does this mean? Well, the great thing about venture capital and entrepreneurship, in my opinion, is this – it can be whatever you want it to be. Seriously. There are no limits.

Venture capital: In its simplest terms means, to me, trying to capitalize on this opportunity. That means investing – most importantly in myself, and in people and companies that I truly believe in, and I am passionate about. That’s the whole name of the game. If you have a skill or team to be able to identify talented people and companies, that’s more than half the battle. And I’m pursuing something that I am naturally passionate about. I’m pursuing education on different levels to support this. I continue to venture into real estate, while working on starting my first company.  All while researching, supporting, and facilitating other startup companies. To me, this is so fun.  The key is opening your mind and your eyes to everything that is out there.  Your own passion may — or may not — be something you’ve already identified, or perhaps you just need some direction on how to go get it.

I got started on this because I talked to one person who helped change my future and my destiny. And then I surrounded myself with people who believed in me and supported me. You can do the same. You can diversify yourself and your interests, and get involved in things you may not even realize were possible. Bring out the entrepreneur in you. Or, support and invest in others who are already doing it. Become comfortable learning about, thinking, and doing the uncomfortable. Take some chances. Be everything you wanted to be, and more. I am doing it. I encourage you to join me, as well.

Marshall Kuremsky is an orthopedic surgeon. 

Image credit: Shutterstock.com

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