10 most popular KevinMD stories of 2017

I often say in my keynotes that KevinMD shares the story of the many who intersect with our health care system, but are rarely heard from.

KevinMD has completed its 14th year as the web’s leading social media platform for these voices.  Over 3,000 contributors power the site, and together, we are making our voice heard as our health care world changes around us.

I sincerely appreciate your readership and look forward to another great year.  Here are the most popular posts of 2017.

A physician’s response to Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue

Without names and faces, affordable health insurance is just another entitlement, given — and taken away — by a government whose own access to insurance is never in doubt.

Retired at 37: Breaking up with a career in medicine

Leaving your career in medicine is like breaking up in a long term relationship.

A medical student is diagnosed with cancer. Here is his story.

If I become the physician I dream of being, you can bet I will pay their lessons forward, ensuring that every patient receives the same compassionate care that has lifted me up.

Basing medical care on patient satisfaction is as smart as basing school on child satisfaction

Let’s untie hospital payments from patient satisfaction and return our focus to healing patients rather than pleasing them.

MD vs. DNP: 20,000 hours make a difference

There should be no ambiguity when identifying oneself as a “doctor” in a clinical setting; it could be the difference between life and death.

There is something rotten inside the medical profession

It is time for the medical profession to look deep inside itself and fix the cancer that has been growing for far too long.

The physicians who are not called “doctor”

Our goal is to support and lift up other women who share our journey, and these data help us spur change. If we must, we’ll do it one introduction at a time.

This Nurses Week: Ask your nurses if they are burned out

We need to change the expectation that being a part of agonizing loss is normal and give nurses space to grieve.

The demise of the physicians’ lounge is symbolic of the decline of the profession

If ever there was something that was symbolic of what’s happened to physicians over the last 20 years, the demise of their lounge would be it.

8 things doctors secretly want to tell their patients

The practice of medicine is unique and wonderful. And challenging, too. I hope this provides a glimpse of what the person in the white coat is thinking.

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