Sleeping with the enemy: When a physician dates an administrator


“I’m going to write a column about dating you and call it ‘Sleeping with the Enemy,’” I announced from my rocking chair. His rocking stopped. “The enemy?” The rain was falling on the trees in front of my porch and on his parade. “Why am I the enemy?” “You know, clinicians vs. hospital administrators.” “Really?” he naively asked. “Why don’t clinicians like us?”

I was surprised he was so in the dark. Before that drizzly night, I never knew how infrequently administrators see our frustrations. Having worked more than ten years of night shifts, I’d rarely talked to administrators, and had minimal understanding of their vantage point. Then, through the universe’s infinite sense of humor, I ended up with one as my boyfriend.

For the full article, please visit Emergency Medicine News.

Sandra Scott Simons is an emergency physician.  This article originally appeared in Emergency Medicine News.

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