KevinMD posts of the week, July 24, 2011

Here are the top posts from this past week, based on the number of times they were viewed.

1. Using technology to completely rethink the patient encounter. It’s time that we rethink the doctor’s office encounter. It’s inefficient for doctor and patient, and doesn’t optimize care for those that need it most.

2. 7 tips for students applying to medical school. Applying to medical school is really annoying, expensive, and hard for no reason. I’d like to share some wisdom I picked up along the interview trail.

3. Are we providing health care, or just delivering health? As a medical student I have come to appreciate two core goals of health care.

4. Why children need more unstructured play. The nature of an average child’s free time has changed. For the past 25 years kids have been spending decreasing amounts of time outdoors.

5. Advice to new interns from a nurse turned medical student. If you’re a new intern you are hopefully a little afraid of the new found responsibility in your life.

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