Are East Coast doctors different from their West Coast counterparts?

Maria, a psychiatry fellow who’s practiced medicine on both coasts, notes some differences between the two breeds of physicians.

For instance, regarding hierarchy, on the East, “Physicians wear one color of scrubs. Nurses wear yet another color of scrubs. Medical technicians wear a different color of scrubs from doctors and nurses. It’s very clear who is who”¦ unlike the uniformly scrubbed people on the West Coast.”

And although, as a whole, East Coast doctors aren’t necessarily meaner, those who are, are noticeably more so. Maria notes that, “these individuals just seem more salty (curmudgeonly, whatever) on the East Coast.”

Also, find out who she thinks dresses more formally, or who communicates in a blunter manner.

Finally, Maria’s all important question: Who respects psychiatrists more?

Read to find out.

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