KevinMD media mentions, July 2011

I’d like to thank various media outlets for recently citing

Associated Press: MDs gather at AMA meeting amid reform uncertainty

“There’s a lot of anxiety about how our practice is going to change,” said Dr. Kevin Pho, a blogger and primary care doctor in Nashua, N.H.

NPR’s Shots: To Friend Or Not: The Facebook Challenge For Doctors

One doctor who does see potential is internist Kevin Pho, who practices in Nashua, New Hampshire … Pho’s policy: never “friend” patients on Facebook. But he would reply to a patient on Twitter asking about a good website for breast cancer screening guidelines. “There has to be some nuance here, and I think that this is so early in the social media game, that a lot of doctors don’t fully appreciate that,” he says.

Don’t forget to also read recent opinion pieces in the New York Times’ Room for Debate, Over 75? No P.S.A., and USA Today, As health reform unfolds, involve the patients, and, New cancer drugs often get flashy headlines.

I appreciate the mentions.