recent media mentions, March 2011

I’d like to thank various media outlets for recently citing

Huffington Post: What’s Up Doc? Physicians On Twitter

Pho agrees that such formalized training is a good idea, not only to teach physicians what to avoid the internet, but to inspire them to use social media. He said: “A lot of physicians say to me, ‘Why do I need to participate in social media?’ And I say, because that’s where the patients are. This is a new generation of informed patients, who are going online to get information, and the bigger the disconnect between us and them online, the harder our job is going to be in the exam room.”

Postmedia News: Losing touch: In an age of MRIs and CT scans, the physical exam is becoming a dying art

In a recent posting on his wildly popular blog (, Kevin Pho, a primary-care doctor in New Hampshire, said that the physical exam separates doctors from being “test-ordering, guideline-following automatons.”

Oncology Times: Experts Weigh In on Social Media: Their Initial “I Get It” Moment

I realized then that blogging, and social media in general, is a uniquely powerful platform where doctors can dynamically provide necessary physician context that can keep up with the pace of breaking medical news.