recent media mentions, February 2011

I’ll be on Sirius XM’s Doctor Radio 8am Eastern tomorrow morning, Monday February 7th.  Host Dr. Ira Breite and I will discuss social media and medicine.

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CBS News: Male Docs Make WAY More than Females: What’s Going On?

Another possibility is that women earn less because they tend to see fewer patients than do their male counterparts.

For the most part, doctors are paid under a “fee for service” system, meaning that the more patients they see, the more they earn, according to Dr. Kevin Pho, who writes a popular medical blog.

“By spending more time with patients, female physicians are financially penalized by seeing less patients during the day,” he told CBS News in an email. “It’s another reason why we need to change the way doctors are paid, and reward them for spending time with patients, instead of penalizing them.”

Curaspan Health Group: Promoting Patient Education with Social Media

A primary care physician at Nashua (N.H.) Medical Group, Kevin Pho, MD recently spoke with Curaspan Connections about how social media has emerged as a tool to help health-care providers communicate with their patients.