10 top medical blog posts, September 2010

Here are the top posts from this past month, based on the number of times they were viewed.

1. Medical school is hard, and other medical student thoughts. Some reflections on my first semester of medical school.

2. Physicians love their work but are frustrated. Many physicians describe themselves as at the breaking point.

3. 10 cancer signs women shouldn’t ignore. If you’re relatively young and healthy, gynecologic cancers probably aren’t on your radar. But they should be.

4. Moments of internal struggle in the ER. I walked into Room 22 to find a very interesting patient who presented to our ER with complaints of abdominal pain and associated nausea and vomiting.

5. Why answering a cell phone during an office visit is a problem. Here is an unfortunate, but almost daily not-so-secret occurrence in my practice.

6. Powerful examples of using the iPad on the wards. This July, I took an opportunity to test the iPad on the wards to experience firsthand how it stacked up.

7. What to say to a person who is sick. When I ran into him not knowing he had cancer, I barely recognized him and struggled with what to say. “What happened?”

8. Why are most physicians writing their prescriptions by hand? Is the pen mightier than the PC?

9. There is no alternative medicine, only unproven medicine. There is no Alternative Medicine.

10. Why are hearing aids so expensive, and reading glasses so cheap? I am currently 53 years old, but I recently found an imperfection in my near-vision.