Before you ask a doctor out on a date

Not your doctor, for obvious ethical and legal reasons, but what about your friend’s physician?

Doc Gurley looks at the pertinent issues when considering dating a doctor. Including, of course, how much debt you’re looking at taking on.

“Nowadays, the myth of the rich doctor has tumbled faster than a Madoff investment scheme,” she writes. “More accurately, that’s true if your doc is a primary care, internist, pediatrician or family medicine type. For those professions, we’re not just talking dismal future earnings, either. A graduate from a pricey private medical school could be $300,000 in debt when handed a diploma – and then have to start a 4-6 year mandatory job (residency) that pays, per hour, less than minimum wage.”

Also worth thinking about, does it matter if the physician is wearing a wedding band, or not? And, do single female-physicians really scare off potential dates?

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