More on good business vs good medicine

Here’s a cynical letter from an internal medicine physician found on Internal Medicine News:

The headline, “Internal Medicine Seen as Unmanageable Career Choice,” hit home.  One of the last sentences, however, demonstrated that someone missed the boat:

“The initial results suggest that students respond to a structured curriculum, which gives them the sense that internal medicine is a manageable career.”




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The medical world that awaits this resident

Our first winning entry is a story from a grizzled resident:

A lot is on my mind these days. I am thirty years old, I have a one year girl who is turning into an Olsen Twin with melodrama substituted for’acting’. I just had a new baby boy 7 days ago who has decided to make me relive my intern year all over again; sleepless nights and …

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Should psychologists be able to prescribe?

From today’s Boston Globe comes a story detailing the controversy about allowing psychologists (non-MD’s) to presribe medication. The state of Louisiana recently passed a law allowing this to happen. Here are some excerpts detailing the arguments on both sides:

. . . [the] president of the American Psychiatric Association, calls the Louisiana law ”really scary,” saying undertrained nonphysicians will harm, and perhaps kill, patients. ”Without a …

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A doctor is sued for following the USPSTF guidelines on prostate cancer screening

I came across this case from JAMA in January, 2004. Here are the basics:

1) A third-year resident, Dr. Merenstein, saw an educated 53-yo man for the first time at his resident clinic. A PSA level had never been done before.

2) A documented discussion about the risks and benefits of screening was done, and the patient was enouraged to consider the information. He was never …

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Importing drugs gaining momentum

Boston Globe:

2 chains urge OK for drug imports

CVS, Walgreens add to growing support

The nation’s two largest chain drugstores, CVS and Walgreens, launched a challenge to the nation’s drug manufacturers yesterday by calling on the Bush administration to develop a legal, safe channel for Americans to buy imported drugs.

CVS Corp.’s Tom Ryan, chairman and chief executive of the Rhode Island company, led the way …

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