Facebook friends with patients can violate HIPAA privacy laws

Should you friend your doctor on Facebook?

It’s a question that’s gaining increasing relevance as Facebook increases its social networking dominance.

I’ve touched upon the issue in the past. So has the New England Journal of Medicine.

Washington, DC physician Katherine Chretian gives her take on the issue in a recent USA Today op-ed. She is an expert of the Facebook-medicine intersection, having authored a JAMA study on the …

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Medical students using Facebook and Twitter can get expelled

by Chris Emery, Contributing Writer, MedPage Today

A large number of U.S. medical schools say students have posted unprofessional material on Web sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter, but few schools have adequate policies in place for dealing with such behavior, a new study found.

medpage-today Of 78 U.S. medical schools that responded to a survey, 60% reported incidents of …

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