Post Author: Nathaniel Arana

Nathaniel Arana

Nathaniel Arana is CEO, NGA Healthcare. With many years of experience in business and in the health care field, Nathaniel earned a management degree from the Eller College of Management with an emphasis on operational management and organization. He helped start an out-of-network billing and consulting business from concept to profitability. Thereafter, he managed and grew a health care consulting business; under his management, the business dramatically increased its revenues and clients.

Nathaniel started NGA Healthcare because he found that practices were looking for consulting companies that could provide results—not just empty promises. Since then, NGA Healthcare has worked with all specialties to help grow, reorganize, and make practices more profitable. Nathaniel regularly contributes to many healthcare business magazines and companies as an expert in practice management. A physician advocate, Nathaniel believes in working directly with his clients to achieve and surpass their goals.