Post Author: Joe Mandato and Ryan Van Wert, MD

Joe Mandato and Ryan Van Wert, MD

Joe Mandato is a venture capitalist investing in the life sciences and a faculty lecturer in biodesign at Stanford University. He is former CEO, and current and former board member, of a number of health care and medical device organizations. He can be reached on Twitter @josephmandato.

Ryan Van Wert is CEO, Vynca Health, and a critical care physician, clinical assistant professor in the department of medicine at Stanford University, and associate director of Stanford’s Byers Center for Biodesign. He can be reached on Twitter @ryanvanwertmd.

In 2020, they teamed up to write about American health care delivery: What’s wrong with the industry, why, what can be done about its problems, and which people and organizations provide excellent health care delivery. As doctors (Ryan), founders, CEOs, board directors, and patients, they are passionate about the mission of improving health care delivery.

They are the co-authors of “In our minds, we’re goin’ to Carolina—Medical schools as drivers of an improved patient experience,” “Great Expectations—Devoted Health and the positive patient experience,” and “The Great Shift: How One Medical is disrupting the patient experience.”