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Quora in health and medicine, what doctors and nurses need to know

by Phil Baumann, RN

What assets do physicians nurse practitioners have which they can share online? It’s knowledge.

With today’s technologies, medicine and nursing care online are obviously limited – perhaps in the future we’ll have technologies which more robustly extend traditional care.

When patients seek information online, they’re usually looking for answers to questions. Now they may be seeking answers from different sources, but if they could find …

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Facebook friends with patients can violate HIPAA privacy laws

Should you friend your doctor on Facebook?

It’s a question that’s gaining increasing relevance as Facebook increases its social networking dominance.

I’ve touched upon the issue in the past. So has the New England Journal of Medicine.

Washington, DC physician Katherine Chretian gives her take on the issue in a recent USA Today op-ed. She is an expert of the Facebook-medicine intersection, having authored a JAMA study on the …

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