Hollywood, take notice of this primary care doctor

Doug Farrago is a family physician in Maine, and the editor of the entertaining Placebo Journal.

He uses his Placebo Journal media platform to show his audience what primary care is all about. In this video, Doug Unplugged, he gives us a little taste of that journey.

Hollywood, take notice.

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Does a stereotypical surgical personality exist?

by Shawn Vuong

Recently, our class learned and practiced how to correctly ‘scrub’ for surgery. During this little lab activity, we were all gowned up and washing our hands when a couple of classmates asked if I was going to be a surgeon.

I said I didn’t really know yet, although I did find surgery pretty fascinating. With that, they told me that they thought I would make a good surgeon. due …

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Implementing patient centered medical home pilot projects

by Robert Graham, MD

As the nation works to reinvigorate primary care, a lot is riding on the medical home.

Some see it as an answer to a fragmented health care system that is not responsive to patients’ needs for coordinated, comprehensive care. Others have invested in it as a vehicle to improve both the quality of care and control costs. While we work to address …

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Family doctors cannot be obsolete, for patients’ sake

by Pepi Granat, MD

Yesterday, and every day, in my office we had one or two patients we call our “Oldie Goldies”.

People who have been with us since 1971 when I opened my practice, 39 years ago. People whose progress, medical and personal, I’ve shared, and who share mine. We know their parents, kids and cousins either because they call us in crisis, or they’re our ongoing …

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Consider the family’s perspective in the treatment plan

by John Trahanas

She was not my patient.

Actually, she was nobody’s patient, she was just a wife; she was “the family.” She was a rough, stern looking woman, and with good reason as she had weathered many difficult times. Her husband had been severely demented for many years; however, it was only in the past few months that he required such intensive inpatient care.

He was not conscious or communicative, but he …

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