How to get your medical blog noticed

Nice tips from Clinical Cases.

I concur with the suggestions of getting on Twitter, participating in Tweets and blog comments, and submitting posts to Grand Rounds.

Also feel free to send me tips or links to interesting stories. Due to volume, I can’t promise that I’ll link to everything, but I do read every e-mail and I’ll link to your post when I can.
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Will Twitter replace RSS?

I had an interesting conversation on Twitter the other night. Here’s the recap. Basically, Ves Dimov didn’t think Twitter would substitute for his RSS reader. And he’s right. Google Reader offers much more depth and flexibility that Twitter can ever approach.

However, there is a learning curve to using RSS, and recent reports have stated that its used may have already peaked with …

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Advances in library research

Find out how this rural physician uses a dose of Twitter and a USB drive to research articles from medical journals. A change from the old days of going to the local medical library and waiting in line for the photocopier.

It also makes one realize how academic physicians can take access to medical literature for granted. In rural areas, articles are expensive to come …

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Doctors using Twitter at medical conferences

More physicians are using the microblog service Twitter. This past weekend, two medical conferences were updated by the minute from plugged in doctors.

Clinical Cases and Images’ Ves Dimov and emergency resident Graham Walker brought us the NEJM’s Horizons Conference, where they provided their input and expertise to influence the NEJM in their Web 2.0 initiatives.

Rural hospitalist Theresa Chan was also prolific …

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Looking outside of health care

Solving some of medicine’s problems requires thinking outside the health care box. Like borrowing bar codes from the grocery store, or checklists from airline pilots.

We need to do the same for electronic records, which are stuck with archaic, 1990s programming technology. Take the user interface of Google, mix in the social networking tools of Facebook, and allow instant collaboration via Twitter.

Now that sounds like …

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Twitter for public health

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(via ScienceRoll)

Five questions

I was interviewed by Media Bullseye, where I answered the following questions:

1) What prompted you to blog/use social media?

2) What benefits–direct and indirect–have you discovered using this communications tool?

3) Writing is tough work, and blogs, with the need to be updated on a fairly regular basis, can be particularly challenging. How do you stay inspired, and how do you keep things interesting?

4) …

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Doctors and Twitter

We’ve talked earlier about the demise of the doctor’s lounge.

But here’s an example of the power of Twitter, a popular microblogging service. Imaging if doctors were connected here, and able to converse and curbside akin to a “virtual” lounge?

Take a look at this example, held within a span of 12 minutes.

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Twitter and HIPAA

As if the firestorm over blogging about patients isn’t hot enough, here are a couple of takes talking about those who Twitter about patients at work.

Although blogs and tweets about patients are often the most interesting, the privacy issues are the ones major media will focus on, and often stir up the most controversy. Don’t assume that there is any anonymity on the web.

The …

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Doctors on Twitter

Want to know what the medical community is thinking right this minute? Joshua Schwimmer mashed all the physician Twitter feeds he can find, and conveniently broadcast it in RSS. Enjoy.

RSS, subscriptions, and Twitter

There are several ways to follow the posts on Kevin, M.D. Apologies to those who find this tutorial too basic.

RSS is the main way. Standing for “Really Simply Syndication”, RSS is a format for delivering regularly changing web content. Many news-related sites, weblogs and other online publishers syndicate their content as …

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Twitter and Facebook

In case you’re looking for other ways to keep up with Kevin, M.D., my posts are now broadcast on Twitter and updated continuously on Facebook.

Web 2.0 and asthma management

Clinical Cases suggests using Twitter and Facebook to help manage asthma.

The torcetrapib disaster: Blogosphere response

(Update 12/04 – This breaking news blog entry is moved to the top as the blogosphere continues to react.)

More on this HDL-raising drug’s stunning collapse. There’s talk Pfizer stock will drop to $20. I’m disappointed myself, since there is no reliable way to raise HDL, save for niacin and fibrates. I thought they were idiots not to test it alone, but only in conjunction with Lipitor. …

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