There is an anesthesiologist work slowdown in Ontario, further delaying surgeries
Anesthesiologists are often overlooked and taken for granted. If surgery was a football game, anesthesiologists would be the referees - essential to the game, but often relegated to the background.

Randomized-controlled evidence has certainly influenced medical decision making - now some suggest the same needs to be applied to surgery

Of course, there is some real medical malpractice going on
The highly publicized case of the orthopedic surgeon leaving mid-surgery to deposit a check comes to an end. The cost? A $1.25 million settlement.

West Boca Medical Center sued over woman's death
"Barbara Masterson, 52, deteriorated from cerebral bleeding in the
emergency room of the West Boca Medical Center as hospital staff
unsuccessfully tried to find a neurosurgeon to perform life-saving
surgery, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Palm Beach County
Circuit Court."

According to the lawyer: "They refused to take any neuromedical emergency," Cohen said. "The hospital knew this was a ...


For holidays, putting the best face forward through surgery
"Hampton Roads doctors are facing a hectic schedule as patients try to erase, refine, or reconfigure imperfections in time for a mistletoe meeting or New Year's revelry. The winter months, and December in particular, are the busiest time for plastic surgeons, according to American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery."

Plastic surgery seems to be a growing trend ...


Awareness during surgery, once dismissed as imaginary, is real "“ and potentially devastating
"The first thing Sidney L. Williams says he heard when he awoke in the operating room during open heart surgery two years ago was the insistent whine of a bone saw cleaving his sternum."

The uncommon, but scary, proposition of anesthesia awareness.

FDA Statement on the Halting of a Clinical Trial of the Cox-2 Inhibitor Celebrex
"While we have not seen all available data on Celebrex, these findings are similar to recent results from a study of Vioxx (rofecoxib), another drug in the same class as Celebrex. Vioxx was recently voluntarily withdrawn by Merck. Another drug in this class, Bextra (valdecoxib) has shown an increased risk for CV events in patients after ...


Weis suit against doctors who performed stomach stapling moves ahead
Charlie Weis is the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots and future head coach of the Notre Dame football team. He had the surgery because obese people don't get hired for head coaching jobs.

Unfortunately, there were complications from the procedure and he was in a coma for two weeks.

A medical malpractice ...


Video games better than tranquilizers at keeping children calm before surgery, study finds
"Letting children play video games on a Game Boy in the operating room before undergoing surgery can help relax them better than tranquilizers or holding Mommy's hand, researchers say."

Pediatric studies seem much more interesting to design and conduct than studies in adult medicine.

Why Good Friends Don't Always Make Good Doctors
"Even when someone is quite ill, the doctor can't worry about hurting the person or the person's feelings. Sorry, but the next biopsy or the next surgery or the next awful test must be done. Trying to soften the blow in the name of friendship invites disaster. Stated another way, a better question to ask your doctor is: 'What would you ...


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