Former President Clinton is undergoing decortication following his bypass surgery last year:

Former President Clinton will undergo a medical procedure this week to remove fluid and scar tissue from his left chest, six months after he underwent quadruple bypass surgery, his office said Tuesday.

The procedure, known as a decortication, will remove scar tissue that has developed as a result of fluid buildup and inflammation, causing compression and collapse ...


Pain meds weren't enough:

Darcie Prestegard has spent much of her life coping with chronic pain, the result of a childhood accident. For years she tried to block it out, competing on the rodeo circuit despite constant sharp pains in her leg. Eventually she sought medical help for her discomfort. Surgery and various medications brought some relief, but the pain always returned. Her doctors said it might never go away completely. ...


The complex manual dexterity required to be a stellar video gamer and minimally invasive surgeon are strikingly similar
"Dr. Rosser, 50, practices what he preaches. He keeps an Xbox, along with PlayStation 2 and GameCube consoles, just a few strides from the operating room so he can warm up with a favorite, Super Monkey Ball, just before surgery."

As has been reported, Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi has been hospitalized with some kind of intracerebral bleed. As one can imagine, this is big news here in New England.

Here's what we know so far:

Patriots linebacker Tedy Bruschi will remain hospitalized while he undergoes additional tests after suffering a broken blood vessel in his head, a Patriots team source told The Boston Globe on Thursday.

Bruschi, ...


Man sues over "botched" testicular surgery: Another frivolous lawsuit?
"A man is suing a hospital and one of its surgeons, claiming one of his testicles was wrongly removed during surgery.

Danny Curtis claims the surgeon at Kern Medical Center did not conduct a biopsy before arranging urgent surgery to remove a testicular tumor in July 2004, according to the lawsuit filed in Kern County Superior Court."

I ...


There is an anesthesiologist work slowdown in Ontario, further delaying surgeries
Anesthesiologists are often overlooked and taken for granted. If surgery was a football game, anesthesiologists would be the referees - essential to the game, but often relegated to the background.

Randomized-controlled evidence has certainly influenced medical decision making - now some suggest the same needs to be applied to surgery

Of course, there is some real medical malpractice going on
The highly publicized case of the orthopedic surgeon leaving mid-surgery to deposit a check comes to an end. The cost? A $1.25 million settlement.

West Boca Medical Center sued over woman's death
"Barbara Masterson, 52, deteriorated from cerebral bleeding in the
emergency room of the West Boca Medical Center as hospital staff
unsuccessfully tried to find a neurosurgeon to perform life-saving
surgery, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Palm Beach County
Circuit Court."

According to the lawyer: "They refused to take any neuromedical emergency," Cohen said. "The hospital knew this was a ...


For holidays, putting the best face forward through surgery
"Hampton Roads doctors are facing a hectic schedule as patients try to erase, refine, or reconfigure imperfections in time for a mistletoe meeting or New Year's revelry. The winter months, and December in particular, are the busiest time for plastic surgeons, according to American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery."

Plastic surgery seems to be a growing trend ...


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