Acute appendicitis ultrasound

Pretty impressive image from Radiology Picture of the Day.

"A CT scan in hand is far better then no CT scan or biopsy at all"

The lung cancer screening debate continues. An internist writes in the WSJ about the benefits of early diagnosis, even with no difference in mortality:

By the time a lung cancer is seen on an X-ray it is almost always too widespread to be operated on. Hence, the only chance for a cure is finding it before it has spread via a screening CT scan.

It is true …

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Silicosis screening x-rays in motel parking lots

A new low for law firms:

X-rays that Most Health took in Pennsylvania while screening for asbestosis were sent uninterpreted to Provost & Umphrey, which, in turn, had them read by others for silicosis, Kemeny said. He admitted that those X-rays were taken without the state-required prescriptions, though the company since has changed this practice.


Radiology titillation

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the most viewed BMJ paper is the one about an MRI of male and female genitals during coitus and female sexual arousal. (via Medpundit)

Patients lose again: Radiologists pull out of a hospital due to malpractice insurance concerns

Lawsuits more easily defensible on other jurisdictions is cited as one reason:

Woodlawn-based Advanced Radiology will stop providing services to St. Agnes Hospital in southwest Baltimore and American Radiology Services, based in Pikesville, will terminate services to Good Samaritan Hospital in northeast Baltimore.

St. Agnes is the only city hospital served by Advanced, which also contracts with Franklin Square Hospital, Greater Baltimore Medical Center and St. Joseph Medical Center …

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A 1-month old goes through an airport X-ray machine

I wasn’t aware of how much radiation airport X-rays emit:

In the several seconds the baby spent in the machine, the doctor added, he was exposed to as much radiation as he would naturally get from cosmic rays “” or high energy from outer space “” in a day.

Demanding X-rays

Many patients believe the “more testing = better medicine” myth. No where is this better seen than in the ER.

Maybe it’s easier just to order the CT first

Dinosaur goes through a 1-month ordeal just to compare a simple chest x-ray with prior films.

Radiology outsourced?

Matthew Holt thinks so, and I agree. With films going digital, insurance companies and hospitals will simply have their films read overseas – which is happening already. Of course, malpractice will be one hurdle, and the American radiologists will fight tooth and nail to prevent this from happening.

Will the chest CT soon be part of the routine physical?

A recent NEJM study suggests that it may save lives, but there are downsides to routine chest CTs:

“Everyone knows we can pick up things better with screening,” said Dr. Elliott Fishman, a professor of radiology and oncology at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. “But is picking up the same thing as curing? If I pick up a tumor that is one centimeter today and you live five …

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Sword swallowing X-rays

A bizarre collection of sword swallowing chest x-rays.

Turf wars: Cardiology vs radiology

It all comes down to money, although I find this statement amusing:

The most cutting comment at Tuesday’s hearing came from Rep. Charles Norwood, R-Ga., who said the imaging reimbursement cuts in the Deficit Reduction Act should be eliminated: He said the representatives from the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission, or MedPAC, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, or CMS, who testified Tuesday “have no idea what they …

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A radiologist expert witness comes under fire

More evidence to clean up the expert witness system:

“The complaint raises another example of greed, fraud, in lawsuits,” he said. “Here in West Virginia a radiologist was paid nearly $10 million by personal injury lawyers to allegedly doctor X-rays of potential asbestos victims.”

Harron’s reputation earned him a mock Academy Award for “science fiction” in March from Cohen’s non-profit group.

“Junk lawsuits and bad actors like Ray …

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Home-made x-rays

This guy found out how to do x-rays at home using a dental x-ray machine (bought on eBay) on Polaroid 600 color film.


Mammography is a high risk liability field

The detection rate of breast cancers on mammograms ranged from 29 to 97 percent in a study
“His team studied doctors’ actual performance in interpreting more than 1.2 million mammograms and compared this with data from cancer registries in four states.

Doctors who interpreted 2,500 to 4,000 mammograms a year were the most accurate and had the fewest false positives, meaning they thought something was a tumour but it …

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