The triple-amputee is poised to become a pediatric specialist:

Kellie Lim, who became a triple amputee at age 8 because of bacterial meningitis, is to graduate from UCLA's medical school on Friday, and she plans to focus on childhood allergies and infections disease.

The Michigan native, 26, does not use a prosthetic arm and manages to perform most medical procedures "” including giving injections and taking blood "” with ...


These prospective students in this forum sure are aiming high.

Enormous school debt is shifting the political views of this medical student towards the right.

Panda Bear offers some sage advice:

The first thing you need to do is to cool your jets. Medicine is a good career but it's just a job. I'm sure you will meet some zealots who seemingly breathe, eat, and live medicine but for the most part, by the time you get into residency you will find that most of your colleagues want pretty much what other working people want, ...


Graham takes issue with Dr. Reece's bashing of the NY Times yesterday:

I think they [the American public] want their health care to work like I want my electricity does"“when I flick the switch, the light should go on. That is, if Medicare or a single-payer or whoever can keep the level of quality and choice the same but provide coverage to everybody, then we should all get it.


The outspoken NH physician nominates himself for Dean of Harvard Medical School.

Doctors aren't trained to be businesspeople. Many are learning on the job:

"Most physicians know nothing about budgeting, marketing, billing and all the tasks involved in running a business." Dr. Foxman estimated that he spends 25% of his time dealing with administrative issues.
The business aspects of private practice are almost as important as the medicine itself.

Lectures are now taped at Harvard Medical School, prompting professors to break into song and dance during their lectures. Everyone wants to be an entertainer:

Now that lectures are videotaped, Harvard medical professors seem to be hamming it up for the camera, using song and dance to entice students to watch and learn.

Earlier this month, Shiv Pillai tried genres as diverse as the ode, the mantra, ...



The strongest point of the VA system is their EHR. I used it extensively during medical school, and really is the only feature that should be copied from the VA system. DB and #1 Dinosaur comment on a Washington Post article.

A physician in Colorado writes an open letter imploring physicians to think about upcoming health reform:

Although I completely agree that there are genuine problems with the current system, more government interference in medicine can only make things worse, not better. One basic principle we all learned in medical school was, "First, do no harm". This applies as well to politics as it does to clinical practice. Most of the ...


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