You only can squeeze down reimbursement so far:

Here's what one physician wrote to me about her efforts to stay afloat last year: "We pinched pennies. We cut back. We let go of employees. We cut back our benefits plans. We did all that we could to save money. And all the while, working like a dog, staying here until 7 at night, doing surgery one day a week ...


Is this affecting the diversity of the physician work force? These authors seem to think so:

More than 1,000 students from three Minnesota medical schools were surveyed and minority students were found to have a lower sense of personal accomplishment and quality of life than their nonminority peers. They were more likely than nonminority students to have experienced a personal illness in the past year and to have ...


"I am not a perfect physician"

Bad outcomes sometimes do happen. To prevent his, the patient has to bear some responsibility:

This news just in: I am not a perfect physician. I thought I was, but I am not. When I take care of patients I sometimes make mistakes, do the wrong thing, forget to do the right thing, or don't do everything I should.

You can tell me I'm a bad physician, make ...


#1 Dinosaur says no, and gives a pep talk.

Less malpractice:

Nearly half of medical school students nationwide are now female, and as they enter the profession, they are making patient care friendlier and therefore may be less likely to get sued than male physicians.
Possibly exacerbating the physician shortage:
For the typical patient, having a woman physician means longer office visits. They typically spend more time talking with and counseling patients, according to a 2002 analysis in ...


Yes, it's because of the money:

As more U.S. doctors opt for better-paying specialties such as cardiology and orthopedics, residency programs for family physicians here are increasingly drawing doctors from abroad.

This year, 28 of the 78 first-year residents in family practice programs in Minnesota came from foreign medical schools. At Hennepin County Medical Center, eight of 10 places were filled by foreign graduates. At the University of Minnesota's ...


Is medical training too malignant?

Chris Rangel wonders whether medical school contains too much harassment and belittlement.

Opportunities are arising as medical schools try to improve medical students' interpersonal skills.

Getting to know your cadaver

What really happens in gross anatomy lab, typically studied during the first year of medical school.

Dissatisfied female physicians

A reason why physician dissatisfaction will continue?

The problems in medicine are even more pronounced for female physicians, so it is not surprising that female physicians report more job stress, lower perceived wellness and more burnout than men. Women now make up almost 50 percent of medical school students, and so the problem with physician dissatisfaction is likely to get worse for this reason alone.

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