Too much basic science?

Is it preventing some prospective doctors from entering medical school?

Remember, you read it here first:

The presidential candidates are fighting over who would do the most to increase the number of Americans with health insurance and expand access to care. But their plans don't ensure that there will be enough doctors and nurses will treat all those new patients, argues a report expected to be released later today . . .

. . . And, as the ...


Take a look at what's happening in Long Island:

"I'm scared that we're just going to have people simply stop practicing," he said. "It has been noticeable that the physician community has been quiet "“ it hasn't spoken up, and I tend to think there's too many people planning, saying'you know, four more years and my kids are out of high school, and I'm going to move.'" . . .


Reforming the physician reimbursement system is a recurring theme here, as the perverse incentives of a fee-for-service system is a primary driver of health care costs.

Any talk about comparing US physician salaries with those abroad has to be accompanied by the context of the larger medical school debt and malpractice insurance that American physicians face.

So, would you accept lower physician salaries in exchange for a fully ...


The primary care signing bonus

They are becoming more lucrative in light of the PCP shortage in Canada.

A simple way to relieve the shortages here. Forgive all student loans for those who choose primary care as a career.

Even the NY Times gets it. Nothing relieves physician shortages faster than cash:

New York's governor, Eliot Spitzer, has announced plans to create a kind of Peace Corps ...


Virginia is tackling the physician shortage problem by offering malpractice immunity:

Parties in the debate call it the most significant matter taken up by justices regarding medical malpractice since 1990, when the court upheld the state's limit on malpractice awards.

If successful, tax-exempt physician foundations in Virginia employing about 1,200 doctors and supporting the state's three medical schools could win malpractice immunity.

More on the business of medicine

Shadowfax with more on the lack of business acumen from today's medical graduates. Anyone who thinks otherwise, well, is pretty naive and is ripe for manipulation when they reach the real world:

Med school is about more than preparing you for internship. There's 30+ years of practice to follow, and you need to be prepared for that, also. It's not too hard to teach students some universal concepts ...


Woefully unprepared

Medical schools are doing a miserable job teaching the business side of medicine. In my opinion, this is equally as important as the medicine itself.

I think an MBA should be a pre-requisite prior to entering medical school. New physicians would be better prepared to face what's coming to them in the real world.

And should medical schools require work experience prior to entrance?

I've come to the realization that medical schools should require several years of postbaccalaureate experience before even considering applicants. My take on it is that the whole dynamic of the medical profession would change simply by requiring work experience as an entry to the field.

Physicians and their salaries

Doctors aren't paid enough. There, I said it. Before you start throwing stones, read this and maybe some of you will understand where we're coming from:

. . . what really pisses [doctors] off is the gap between their incomes and those of the rest of the high-end college graduates of America. The Center for Health Systems Change analysis of average physician income adjusted for inflation between 1995 ...


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