Should affirmative action be more of a priority in medical schools?

Don't worry parents, you don't need to be personally responsible for your children, Uncle Sam will do it for you...

Schools in California will be required to have someone available who is trained to assist diabetic children under a legal settlement announced Wednesday in Oakland.

The agreement sets a policy requiring children who have diabetes to be provided services under federal laws that ...


Do 'rich' people deserve medical charity too?

"For some people making above $100,000, when they get a hospital bill for $100,000, they may not have the ability to pay," said Gerard Anderson, director of the Center for Hospital Finance & Management at the Johns Hopkins University public health school.

(hat tip: Medical Quack)

And Dr. Rob Oliver knocks it out of the park...

Tuition and living expenses during college ~ $150,000
Tuition and living expenses during medical school ~ $85,000
Average wage during my intern year in 1998 ~ $5.80 /hour
Average wage my 8th year in surgical training in 2005 ~ $9.75 /hour
Spending ages 22-35 in the library or hospital ~ PRICELE$$
(hat tip: plasticized)

Throughout each medical school lecture or small group discussion emphazing "my moral responsibility to sacrifice myself to society," I struggled to express how damnable this concept was. It wasn't until I read Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged that my eyes were opened to the truth. Now, thankfully, Jared Rhoads has founded the Lucidicus Project to arm med students with the knowledge to proudly defend one of the world's ...


A USA Today op-ed:

I tell you these facts because of the knee-jerk reaction I hear that we should take measures to prevent the entry of foreign-born physicians. This would be a disaster for American health care, and it would not make us safer. We need to increase physician immigration and increase the supply of U.S. medical school graduates. Otherwise, we'll face a future of rationed health care.

Maria on the dominance of UpToDate. Dependence on this resource starts early in medical school, and many physicians can't practice without it. They're indispensable and they know it:

UpToDate is not a free resource. Word on the street is that within the past year, the company that manages UpToDate has increased their prices by 500%! Thus, any institution that would like to make UpToDate available to staff now ...


Go to Cuba!

An op-ed in the Boston Globe - "It's too expensive to be a primary care doctor":

Under the current care model, doctors are attracted to better-compensated medical specialties so they can deal with rising medical-school debts, inequities in reimbursement, and increasing malpractice insurance costs. Even though patients receive 95 percent of their healthcare outside of a hospital, it's just too expensive to be a primary-care doctor in America today.

Sometimes, it's difficult to tell:

Most medical schools don't spend much, if any, time teaching their students how to cope with low-literacy patients, and most doctors aren't particularly adept at detecting reading problems "” or knowing what to do when they identify someone who can't read. And with the specter of "pay for performance," in which doctors' reimbursement will be tied to meeting certain quality goals, there is concern ...


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