You don't have to be happy to do your job well, writes Joe who is the 'world's most popular blogging anesthesiologist':

"I got through medical school only by riding a combination of fear, uncertainty and well-–concealed rage at the whole process.

I left general practice after two years because I was bored to tears and devastated each night when I got home, a combination of emotional fatigue ...


The University of Michigan's medical school endorses a student blog. (via AMNews)

Twenty-eight percent of medical schools require students to have PDAs.

Are lazy employees invoking HIPAA to skirt work?

I'm a general surgeon and I still practice as well as being a medical school administrator, and I have very little problems in general in getting the information I need from other facilities. Of course, there are always people who are looking for a reason not to do their jobs and nowadays they can invoke HIPAA.

Chiropractic quackery:

Spinal manipulation - which is used by chiropractors and osteopaths in the UK to treat neck and back pain - is of little help, researchers have said.

Experts from Peninsula Medical School in Devon reviewed 26 studies carried out between 2000 and 2005.

Writing in Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, they said the data gave "little evidence" of effectiveness.

Charles Sturm Jr., M.D. has no sympathy for the financial plight of residents (subscription required). He comments on the how house staff have a hard time passing up pharmaceutical-sponsored lunches:

Residents and fellows, despite their long hours (which are now capped), still make at or above the median income of American workers. If they are having trouble feeding themselves they might want to look at their discretionary spending.
Nice ...


More care does not equal better care. A journalist sees first-hand the fundamental problem of American health care:

I wondered, as I sat there, if I was witnessing a key problem with our increasingly-costly health care system: Patients with insurance don't have to weigh the actual cost of most procedures against the likelihood of benefit.

This point was part of a recent ABC News documentary by Peter Jennings ...


Dr. RW talks about how the absurd (aka complementary and alternative medicine) is often looked at uncritically:

Detractors are fond of saying "“but medical students need to know about these things"” or "“they'’re doing research". Trouble is, much of this so called "education and research" amounts to little more than uncritical promotion of quackery. I'’ve given examples before, and the authors of the MJA piece make the case effectively. ...


Apparently, what they teach you in medical school is falling by the wayside. First, you can't ask about guns. Now you can't take a proper sexual history:

A few years ago, when our daughters were 13-ish, I was sitting in the field hockey bleachers with a friend. She confessed that she'd just had an unsettling experience at the pediatrician's office.

Seems that in the course ...


When politicians think they know more about medicine than doctors:

Last week, Colleges and Universities Minister Chris Bentley announced plans to train an extra 104 doctors at several universities, including the University of Ottawa, over the next few years at a cost of $20.8 million.

Ironically, the government is now trying to address a doctor shortage that was deliberately created by governments in Ontario and across Canada just over ...


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