Debate on Malpractice Looms for Senate

Let’s see if Time’s 2004 Person of the Year can turn some of his talk into results regarding malpractice reform.

States Weigh Med-Mal Courts

“As debate over ‘tort reform’ continues across the United States, several states are considering the creation of medical malpractice courts to help streamline what many view as costly, complex litigation.”

This would be a huge step forward, and probably would have a more significant impact than non-economic caps (via PointofLaw).

Are caps the answer to the malpractice crisis?

A physician and a lawyer debate the pros and cons.

Weis suit against doctors who performed stomach stapling moves ahead

Charlie Weis is the offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots and future head coach of the Notre Dame football team. He had the surgery because obese people don’t get hired for head coaching jobs.

Unfortunately, there were complications from the procedure and he was in a coma for two weeks.

A medical malpractice tribunal …

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Medical malpractice initiative gains steam

A case of dueling medical malpractice initiatives – with the lawyer-supported version winning.

How Chicago can amputate abuses in medical malpractice lawsuits

“Trial lawyers are quick to point out that only 18 percent of cases that go to court result in an award to the patient. But that observation ignores the fact that 85 percent of the cases are resolved by substantial monetary settlements out of court, which are every bit as costly to physicians and insurance companies as jury verdicts.”

Good …

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Rising costs force hospitals to end use of midwives

Another casualty of rising malpractice costs.

Doctor: Illinois Would Do Well To Follow Wisconsin’s Example

“Wisconsin has drawn six obstetrician-gynecologists (Ob-Gyns) from LGH. These doctors have reportedly fled Illinois to practice medicine under cheaper insurance premiums. In Wisconsin, Ob-Gyns pay $23,677 in yearly medical liability premiums, while the same doctor in Cook County pays $230,428 annually. . .

Because Illinois has eliminated punitive damages from medical malpractice suits, many doctors in Illinois, including Narasimhan, believe …

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Florida Passes Three-Strikes Malpractice Law

“. . . the lawyers ‘trumped the doctors’ with the three-strikes amendment, because lawyers will rush to sue in the hope that doctors will settle to avoid a ‘strike.'”

Insurer launches anti-lawsuit contest

“Michigan’s largest malpractice insurer has launched a contest offering

rewards to doctors who head off lawsuits by adopting office practices

that deliver quality care.”

Male docs hit with more malpractice claims

“Roughly 31 percent of the state’s physicians are women, but only 16 percent of the doctors hit with malpractice claims and settlements over the past 10 years were women, the state Board of Registration in Medicine found.”

Malpractice costs level off

“Malpractice attorney Marc L. Breakstone attributed the drop in settlements partly to President Bush’s highly publicized efforts to cap malpractice awards, suggesting that his many speeches criticizing excessive malpractice payments may have tilted juries against people who claim they were injured by medical mistakes.”

Doctors go back to the drawing board

Physicians ponder the next step in Oregon, where a cap for jury malpractice awards was narrowly defeated.

New Malpractice Concern: Waking in Surgery

“The country’s top patient-safety watchdog group has issued an alert about the dangers of waking up during surgery — a warning that many in the legal and health professions say could trigger more malpractice suits against anesthesiologists.”

Doctor sues lawyer for legal malpractice

The tables are turned.

Malpractice: How to stay out of harm’s way

Common-sense tips for docs.

Voters approve all three medical malpractice issues

More on the Florida malpractice amendments.

Florida: Most amendments OK’d

“The long-running battle between doctors and lawyers over medical-malpractice insurance produced three proposed constitutional amendments – and voters approved them all.

Lawyers won amendments to give the public more information about doctors’ mistakes and to take away the medical license of doctors who make several medical errors. Doctors won with an amendment limiting the percentage of winnings that lawyers can claim as payment in malpractice …

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Fla. amendments headed for passage

“With 22 percent of precincts reporting, Florida’s Amendment 3 to limit lawyers’ fees in malpractice cases is leading with 1,291,647 or 64.4% of votes “yes” and 715,125 or 35.6% “no”. Barring a truly unprecedented turnaround, the measure seems headed for passage by a comfortable margin, a crushing defeat for both the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers and for the Florida Bar Association and American …

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Liveblogging the ballot measures tonight is livelogging the various medical malpractice measures tonight.


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