What if baseball players had to buy the equivalent of medical malpractice insurance?

“Imagine what it would be like if the best players in baseball couldn’t play because it cost too much to insure them against professional liability. That’s what’s happening here.”

An OB/GYN in Illinois writes about the dire situation regarding doctor shortages due to increasing medical malpractice rates. While we continue to point fingers as to who’s to blame, consider the patient who is forced to ask four separate doctors …

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Overlawyered with a roundup of the latest medical malpractice news

Do patients suffer from soaring malpractice claims?

Soaring medical malpractice claims another victim

In the end, it’s the patients that suffer the most.

The people speak: In Illinois, 67 percent of respondents favored a malpractice cap

Orthopedic surgeons broke with the other medical groups and now supports the veto of the Maryland malpractice reform bill

Medical Economics takes a look behind the medical malpractice crisis

A fantastic, detailed article on this hot issue.

Of course, there is some real medical malpractice going on

The highly publicized case of the orthopedic surgeon leaving mid-surgery to deposit a check comes to an end. The cost? A $1.25 million settlement.

Calling on the Governor of Maryland to use the “Martha Stewart ploy”

The article proposes a resolution to the malpractice reform inpasse in Maryland.

President Bush bringing malpractice to the forefront

With the President’s visit to Illinois as well as the attention with the Maryland malpractice reform, I’m encouraged by the recent focus on this issue. Lots of talk so far, now its time for some action – although that may not be so easy.

Temp docs are being called in during the Maryland malpractice crisis

Tort reform is on the agenda in New Hampshire’s legislature

“The Legislature will see about a dozen bills related to medical malpractice, aimed at combating what some lawmakers and doctors say are skyrocketing insurance costs.”

Nobody’s safe – even robots are now sued for malpractice

“A group of German patients has filed a lawsuit against financially beleaguered Integrated Surgical Systems Inc., alleging that the Davis company’ Robodoc surgical robot is “defective and dangerous,” according to a company filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.”

The robot in question is Robodoc, which can perform primary total hip replacements, revision hip replacements, and …

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Physicians are supporting the Maryland malpractice reform bill

The governor is going to veto the bill, but could have a fight on his hands as the legislature can override the veto.

Regarding Maryland’s malpractice reform bill, some say half a solution is better than nothing

Doctors vs lawyers vs insurance companies – the blame game of tort reform goes on

“I think it’s a bunch of people fighting each other who are so far removed from reality, because this won’t impact them”

This is what a Maryland physician is saying about the current impediment to malpractice reform. He goes on: “The people who are making decisions will not lose their healthcare. They will not be affected. They will always have health care, but it will affect people like …

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Some Maryland docs are splitting time between medicine and political lobbying

The emergency bill that passed the state House and Senate are a good first step, but still is likely to be vetoed by the governor.

GruntDoc strikes a nerve

Update on the dueling malpractice initiatives in Washington state

Last month, the lawyer-supported initiative was submitted. This week, the physicians submitted their opposing initiative. The battle will be decided in the fall.

Why medical malpractice isn’t a contest between doctors and lawyers

A lawyer weighs in on the malpractice debate

“Medical malpractice is not a contest between doctors and lawyers. It is instead an example of our legal system seeking to render justice through the time-honored tradition of the jury trial, and opposition to this system by insurance companies.”


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