A resident tells us what he really thinks
As someone who went through a city hospital residency, I can understand that sometimes things look pretty bleak. Complaining about insurance companies, lawyers, or the government is fine - however, blaming the patients isn't really the answer.

Mass Chaos
A physician in Iraq blogs from the front lines (via Medpundit). This incredible story was from the attack in Mosul last week. Here were the grisly statistics that day:

91 total patients arrived.
18 were dead on arrival.
4 patients died of wounds shortly after arrival, all of these patients had non-survivable wounds.

Of the 69 remaining patients, 20 were transferred to military hospitals in other ...


Baby believed to be world's smallest at birth ready to leave Chicago hospital

"A baby who weighed less than a can of pop when she was born by Caesarean section three months ago is nearly ready to be released from hospital.

She is believed to be the smallest baby in the world ever to survive. The little girl, named Rumaisa, whose parents came from Hyderabad, India, weighed 8.6 ...


West Boca Medical Center sued over woman's death
"Barbara Masterson, 52, deteriorated from cerebral bleeding in the
emergency room of the West Boca Medical Center as hospital staff
unsuccessfully tried to find a neurosurgeon to perform life-saving
surgery, according to a lawsuit filed Friday in Palm Beach County
Circuit Court."

According to the lawyer: "They refused to take any neuromedical emergency," Cohen said. "The hospital knew this was a ...


For paramedics, doctors and nurses, Christmas sees miracles, tragedies and quiet
"All too often, tragedy strikes on Christmas, local emergency workers said. And the searing memories linger not only for grieving families, but also for medical personnel.

'It's your job to fix things and help people,' said Rich Lynn, a paramedic for Pittsburgh EMS. 'When you can't, it creates a whole different aura for that holiday.'

Most people ...


Hospital targets the Big Mac
"The Pizza Hut is shuttered, its neon sign collecting dust on the floor. But knocking down the Golden Arches has proved far more difficult for Toby Cosgrove, the new head of the Cleveland Clinic."

The Cleveland Clinic wants to kick McDonald's out of their building. I think the Clinic may be taking itself a bit too seriously.

AMA Issues Special Report on Pay for Performance to Member Physicians, USA
"According to the report, the pay-for-performance trend is a 'tsunami building offshore in a sea of stakeholder unrest, threatening those who are not prepared.' Medicare this year for the first time established pay-for-performance requirements for hospitals, and 'physicians believe they are going to be the next target for Medicare's pay for performance initiatives,' the Tribune reports."

Another ...


Some hospitals cover LiveStrong bracelets
"The yellow bands are the same color as the 'do not resuscitate' bands a hospital chain puts on patients who don't want to be saved if their heart stops."

That's probably a good idea.

Some hospital ERs begin guaranteeing quick service
"Anyone who has spent half the night in an emergency room will welcome a trend that has some hospitals guaranteeing patients will be seen in 33 minutes or less."

Rising costs force hospitals to end use of midwives
Another casualty of rising malpractice costs.

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