A family physician is being sued for negligence in this tragic case. A 39-year old female who was 36 weeks pregnant presented with fever, diarrhea, and vomiting. She was treated conservatively of the flu, given anti-nausea medications and sent home. Not feeling better that night, she went to the hospital for further evaluation. Her fever persisted at 103 degrees despite Tylenol. A few hours later, the mother went into cardiac ...


Grand Rounds takes on a surgical flavor this week
Come get your weekly best of the medical blogosphere.

Corporate naming rights are starting to spread to hospitals
Many stadiums in the country have already lost their identity to corporations - think Gillette Stadium, the FleetCenter, Heinz Field, Lincoln Financial Field etc. Now hospitals are getting into the act:

Already several hospitals have sold corporate naming rights. There is Hasbro Children's Hospital at Rhode Island Hospital, Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian, The Bristol-Myers Squibb Children's Hospital at Robert ...


Falling by the wayside: Soaring malpractice insurance claims another doctor group
"St. Mary's Medical Center's last cardiologists said Thursday they are leaving the West Palm Beach hospital because its high-risk patients drove their medical malpractice insurance premiums too high."

Fourteen hospitals in Taiwan refused to treat a 4-year old girl with a head injury, citing a lack of beds

The Seattle Times talks about health-care costs reaching a breaking point and proposes some solutions
"Americans with health insurance must forget their 'I want my money's worth' mentality. In the hospital world, as in all health care, insurance has fostered a culture where patients never see the real bill, so they have no stake in ensuring that their medical care is efficient. That must change, perhaps through co-pays high ...


Sleepy docs and the risk of car accidents
Interesting study from today's NEJM, correlating the odds for reporting a motor vehicle accident and an extended (>24 hrs) work shift:

According to a study in this week's New England Journal of Medicine, medical interns who worked shifts lasting 24 hours or more were twice as likely to be involved in serious crashes after work than doctors who put in fewer ...


A lack of translation services in New York City
"Nearly 75% of the 51 hospitals surveyed by the city controller's office
failed to provide Spanish-language services to callers to one or more
of the hospitals' departments."

It has been shown previously that interpreters lower the medical risks in hospitals. Going to the hospital is often scary enough - not being able to communicate only adds to that fear.

I was browsing my archives to see how the Google Adsense program was working, when I noticed that Children's Hospital in Boston was advertising using Adwords. Maybe I'm still new at this, but I don't recall seeing other institutions being that internet-savvy with their advertising.

Are there too many hospitals in New York?
"Area hospitals have too many empty beds. And duplicative services that can't be sustained."

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