Patients lose again: The impact of losing caps in Wisconsin
"A big spike in insurance premiums could prompt some physicians in high-risk specialties such as obstetrics, neurosurgery or trauma care to stop accepting some patients or move to a state with lower malpractice premiums, health industry officials said.

Early physician retirements are another concern, as is 'defensive medicine,' which is the ordering of unnecessary medical tests to guard against ...


The Chicago Tribune takes a detailed look at the pros and cons of the hospitalist movement

Harvard's teaching hospitals are thinking of saying "I'm sorry" after medical errors
"Harvard Medical School's major teaching hospitals are considering adopting a sweeping disclosure policy that would establish detailed procedures for physicians to openly acknowledge medical errors and other bad results to their patients, and provide for training in apologizing."

10 latent TB cases are linked to the surgical resident who had active TB
"Nine healthcare workers at the hospital who tested positive for TB in recent weeks also probably contracted their infections from the physician, said Dr. Anita Barry, top disease tracker at the Boston Public Health Commission."

Medicare will give away the VA's EHR to physician practices
"Now, however, Medicare, which says the lack of electronic records is one of the biggest impediments to improving health care, has decided to step in. In an unprecedented move, it said it planned to announce that it would give doctors - free of charge - software to computerize their medical practices. An office with five doctors could save more ...


A NY heart surgeon was beat up by cops: Did race play a role?
"Moss said he started to follow, but the officers grabbed him. He said he introduced himself as a doctor, but officers yelled at him to back off and one pushed him in the chest, forced him to the ground and handcuffed him.

He said his shoulder separated, and he had to put it into its ...


A grim look inside Iraq's hospitals
"On average we have 28 bodies turning up every day - 90% of them victims of violence."

More on the blind neurosurgeon
Previously discussed here. A hospital in need of a back surgeon is considering hiring him. The state rep, who is a malpractice trial lawyer, is against this:

Faison said the state needs surgeons with two good eyes.

"It's just nutty to have a surgeon without depth perception," he said. "You're just asking for serious problems. We shouldn't have surgeons who are blind ...


Chris Rangel talks about his case of defensive medicine
"Last week I admitted a woman in her 40s, relatively healthy, who had suffered a syncopal event (passed out). The woman had taken a gazillion doses of Benadryl (self medicating for a prior allergic reaction to food), didn't sleep well, and had not eaten that day. Initial routine work-up was negative and every aspect of my training and experience told me ...


Vice-president Dick Cheney completed his physical:

Cheney, 64, was at George Washington University Hospital for a colonoscopy, an upper endoscopy and a vascular screening. The procedures completed his yearly medical checkup.

In the first part of the exam last week, an annual heart checkup produced good news for Cheney, who has had four heart attacks, though none since he became vice president in 2001.

The latest tests ...


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