Another story showing how the current malpractice system is failing us
"Other advocates say that the malpractice system encourages healthcare providers to remain silent about mistakes, undercutting efforts to improve patient safety. They want to get away from courts altogether, setting up a schedule of payments for victims of medical mistakes if they can simply prove their injury was 'avoidable' rather than a result of negligence. Last month, the panel ...


A case where a 38-year-old women died because her pneumonia was not treated early enough
"A medical expert testified on Friday that an internist accused of medical malpractice in the death of a 38-year-old Boonton woman appropriately diagnosed her symptoms as influenza and could not have predicted that the flu would lead to bacterial pneumonia."

From what I read in the article: On January 18th, 2001, a 38-year old ...


A hospital is being sued when a patient died after he underwent surgery for a stab wound
"Allen, 33, of Gary died in the hospital on Oct. 24, five days after he was admitted with a stab wound, and four days after he underwent surgery for the injury . . .

. . . After Allen'Â’s death, the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ordered an investigation of ...


The 30-year old actress from "Meet the Parents" died of pneumonia after three hospitals missed the diagnosis
"Nicole DeHuff, who played Teri Polo's sister in the hilarious 2000 movie, checked into three Los Angeles hospitals, but only when her problems became inoperable did doctors realize what was wrong with her. The actress' mother Patsie says, 'By the time she reached the third hospital, it was too late. She was unconscious.' ...


Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston gave two infants 10 times the normal dose of Tylenol after circumcisions
Sounds like N-acetylcysteine had to be given after the errors.

Former President Clinton is undergoing decortication following his bypass surgery last year:

Former President Clinton will undergo a medical procedure this week to remove fluid and scar tissue from his left chest, six months after he underwent quadruple bypass surgery, his office said Tuesday.

The procedure, known as a decortication, will remove scar tissue that has developed as a result of fluid buildup and inflammation, causing compression and collapse ...


A hospital refuses to treat 50 patients who filed a malpractice suit against it
(via Common Good)

"Officials at a California hospital are suing an 82-year-old woman who was given her discharge papers more than a year ago."
Discharging medically stable patients who lack insurance or family support is becoming a growing problem.

How one doctor learned to accept parents in the ER
"Over the past decade, hospitals have begun allowing a patient's
relatives to watch resuscitations and other invasive procedures. In
surveys, most families want to be given the choice to watch - and once permitted, many accept."

Medication errors are common at the time of hospital admission
"It's important for patients and families to know that when they come to the hospital they have to bring information about what medications they are taking . . . They should bring the prescription vials or keep a written updated list."

Patients should also carry an updated medication list for every doctor's visit as well.

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