Stanford’s Abraham Verghese has open office hours on Facebook

Abraham Verghese is an internal medicine physician at Stanford, and a prominent physician-writer.

Stanford University is utilizing Facebook as a way to ask Dr. Verghese questions. He’s one of the most eloquent and introspective doctors working today, so it’s a treat to hear him talk about the various issues readers bring up.

Here are the first few videos in the series.

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Anorexia websites are spreading to Facebook

Anorexia websites are a growing phenomenon, and now they are spreading the social media.

Facebook is rapidly becoming the site of choice. Why? Because it’s the “most personable,” as opposed to MySpace which is “famous for creepy old men.”

It’s causing some tension on the site, especially with anti-anorexia groups, which “actively hunt down pro-anorexia groups, and then lobby Facebook authorities to delete them.” Apparently, there’s an …

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Your Facebook status and calling in sick

Not a very smart move by this employee who called in sick. Don’t go advertising on Facebook that you got trashed instead.

Patient privacy, MySpace and Facebook

Don’t post patient pictures on your MySpace or Facebook page. Employees who do something that foolish deserve to be fired.

Until hospitals get a grasp of the Web 2.0 era, it’s probably best not to blog about patients as well. Despite the efforts bloggers take in masking patient identity, I see hypersensitive administrators erring on the side of overreaction and start banning employees from blogging.

Medical records and Facebook

Provocative piece by hospitalist el jefe Bob Wachter. He laments how archaic most electronic records are, and I agree:

You’d think that medicine’s conversion from paper to electronic records would solve many of these problems, but ““ to date ““ all it has done is create new-fangled electronic silos. In most EMRs, including the GE system we’re using at UCSF, the notes are really just electronic incarnations …

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Your future doctor on Facebook

The MySpace/Facebook generation is getting close to graduating medical school.

Boy, are they going to regret how Google’s indexed their names when they start practicing medicine. This is the future of American medicine:

University of Florida researchers found several such items of interest when they trolled the Facebook pages of the school’s medical students.

Researchers found shots of future doctors grabbing their breasts and crotches or posing …

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Twitter and Facebook

In case you’re looking for other ways to keep up with Kevin, M.D., my posts are now broadcast on Twitter and updated continuously on Facebook.

Facebook and your blood type

Using social media to reach out for blood donations:

For those who opt in, the system will send out alerts through Facebook “” as well as by phone, fax, e-mail and text message “” when their blood type is needed in their area. It will also send out reminders for regular donations.

Did Facebook lead to health insurance denial?

Law.com: “Litigation over an insurer’s refusal to pay health benefits for anorexia or bulimia may turn on what is revealed from the alleged sufferers’ e-mails and postings on the social networking sites MySpace and Facebook.

The plaintiffs are suing in federal court in Newark, N.J., on behalf of their minor children, who have been denied benefits by Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.

Horizon claims that …

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Facebook and healthcare

Tony Chen asks if the healthcare community can learn from Facebook. Some new Web 2.0 companies are certainly trying to fill this niche (Sermo, iMedExchange, and Revolution come to mind).


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