In recent years, medicine has begun to advance at a rate that is, at times, difficult to even comprehend. The world has now seen its first birth from a transplanted uterus, an artificial pancreas, mobile stroke units, therapeutic virtual reality, an embryo with three genetic parents and more. No doubt, medicine has come far. But as we enter 2018, we are still missing the mark on gender equity. Before I started ...


Another backboarded body rolls in. I slip from my perch at the computer and greet the emergency medical technician. “Seizure. Lasted a few minutes, done by the time we got there. Fell and cut his face.  Vitals stable. Sugar fine. Oriented but postictal.  Didn’t take his meds.” Approximately my age, the backboarded man’s chin bears a ribbon of red laces. “Dammit,” he says. A glance at the cardiorespiratory monitor shows me suitable hemodynamics, ...


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