Dementia patients want effective drugs. Five years ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) proposed changes to speed drug approvals for Alzheimer’s disease (AD). No new drugs have been approved. This year, a new FDA draft guidance discusses considering biomarker data and changing cognitive evaluations for accelerated approvals. Would that help make effective drugs available, or are we lowering our expectations? Numerous dementia agents have failed current ...


A baby acutely ill with leukemia seems like the polar opposite of a woman with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), with her slow, insidious deterioration. Yet each disease can be progressive and fatal. I’ve cared for both, in different ways.  Can a childhood cancer doctor like me have insights about that other end of medicine, older adults with dementia? As a husband and caregiver, confronting my wife’s Alzheimer’s disease, I am appalled by the ...


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