I'm a pathologist and the main way I communicate to the outside world — to your doctor and ultimately to you, the patient is via the pathology report. But the short missives I send from behind the microscope lack any excitement and can fall short of full communication. Here’s the usual story:

Skin left scapula, biopsy Nodular basal cell carcinoma Negative for perineural invasion Margin status: Positive
Doesn't sound real interesting, does it? How about a more ...


Editor's note: Graphic image below. Envision a large, loafy muffin top. Not just a central bulge or even love handles. I’m speaking of an apron of skin and fat that hangs down over many an American’s lower torso and groin. Surely you’ve seen it -- you may even have one. Its medical name is the pannus. I had never heard of a pannus in medical school and I still never hear it ...


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