“You find joy that people are doing better because of what you did for them.” #BornToHeal Courtesy of the American Medical Association (AMA).

Dr. Leon Pedell on the importance of mentors. Courtesy of Before the Floors.

Watch Dr. Vaughn Browne's emergency medicine journey. Courtesy of Black Men in White Coats.

A sense of purpose inspires one physician to seek ways to help others. “Loving what I do makes it very easy to get up out of bed and come to work, even when faced with potentially really serious situations.” #BornToHeal Courtesy of the American Medical Association (AMA).

Dr. Leon Pedell on why doctors need to become pharmacologists. Courtesy of Before the Floors.

Dr. Leon Pedell discusses why medical students must read and be lifelong learners.  Courtesy of Before the Floors.

Dr. Leon Pedell why it's so important for physicians to have relationships with patients' families. Courtesy of Before the Floors.

Watch Bailey Alexander Loving's compelling medical student journey. Courtesy of Black Men in White Coats.

Dr. Leon Pedell discusses algorithms and detective work in medical care. Courtesy of Before the Floors.

Xiaoyin “Sara” Jiang, MD, FCAP often calls herself a cellular detective, solving the mystery of disease under the microscope. Surgeons send their patients’ tissue samples to her for a diagnosis, and she knows that getting the answers right is high stakes – life and death. Created by the College of American Pathologists.

When Martina Wood received a diagnosis of stage 2 breast cancer, she was scared for her life. She also wanted answers to her questions about the disease and how to best move forward with her treatment. Seventy percent of all patient care decisions are based on a pathologist’s diagnosis, and yet most patients have never met the physicians responsible for guiding their treatment. Follow Martina on her journey for ...


Dr. Leon Pedell discusses a topic that physicians of all ages often find difficult: dealing with hopelessness, end of life care, and the actual death of a patient. Courtesy of Before the Floors.

Millennials are contributing a lot to the world, and we're not just talking about Instagram photos of coffee. Dr. Daniel Wozniczka talks on how millennials are the key to the future of a better world for medicine.

Dr. Leon Pedell discusses how to transition from memorizing physical exam techniques to applying them with real patients to find real abnormalities. Many students have a misconception that they can forget much of what they learned in first and second year as, "low yield." This is not the case. More than anyone else on a care team, medical students have time to perform thorough physical exams and you ...


Kalisha A. Hill, MD, FCAP is a mother, a runner and a pathologist. She believes that a healthy lifestyle can prevent many of the diseases she diagnoses every day. You’ll meet her, learn about her expertise and see why her clinical partners rely on her diagnoses to guide their treatment decisions. Healing begins with her and that’s what patients count on for their care. Created by the

Jolean Olson's always spent a lot of time in the sun, but she was shocked to see a large, suspicious-looking zit pop up on her left cheek. Her medical journey led her to a pathologist who performed a biopsy and rendered a diagnosis that helped Jolean make the best treatment decisions for herself and her family. Today, she's grateful for the definitive answers that put her on the ...


A inmate, while a patient at Delnor Hospital in surburban Chicago, escaped and took two nurses hostage.  One of nurses was raped and tortured at gunpoint.  There is little mention of this horrific story in mainstream media.  Violence against health care workers cannot remain silent. ZDoggMD recently spoke with this individual, who shared her story. #silentnomore Please send your notes of support to her: Delnor Nurse PO Box ...


Thanks to internist Steven Mussey for translating the language of hospital administrators.

Good luck to the medical students taking USMLE Step 1. After studying, enjoy this video from the Howard University College of Medicine Class of 2019.

Nirmal Gosalia at DocThoughts interviews Dr. Vineet Arora about how doctors and medical students can leverage social media platforms to advance their practice of medicine.

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