Wondering about the wacky medicine that Hugh Laurie practices on TV? Meet Dr. Lisa Sanders, the medical adviser on House, M.D., and why medicine at times loses out to humor.

There are risks with every medical procedure, and not all adverse outcomes are due to malpractice:

There must be restrictions on malpractice lawsuits so that only the must extreme cases receive settlements. There are risks with every procedure, and everyone should be aware of that. When I got a colonoscopy, I was told that there is a small chance that they puncture my colon. That was a risk I agreed ...


Plenty of talk about how the US spends much more per person than Canada. Perhaps it's time to re-frame the situation: maybe Canada isn't spending enough.

The 48-year old who doesn't learn:

He's the poster boy for the state's new anti-smoking campaign. But 48- year-old Skip Legault is still smoking"”despite an amputated leg, two heart attacks and a stroke . . .

. . . In the ad, Legault, looking into the camera and supporting himself on crutches, recites a litany of health woes, including a first heart attack at age 28 and another at ...


One tough day for this OB.

Dropping Medicare

Was the best thing to happen to this primary care physician.

So true, but sometimes gets miscommunicated to patients.

Managing expectations

Your first line of defense against a possible malpractice suit.

E-prescribing is all the rage, and physicians are pressured to adopt this measure. Are there liability risks that need to be thought about first?

Panda Bear takes you behind the scenes.

"Public hospitals fail while retail clinics grow."

Sad commentary on the retail clinic boom.

Shadowfax with more on the Glenn Beck's hemorrhoid surgery experience:

Beck's behavior sounded, to me, like the classic behavior of a drug-seeking patient. Complete with dramatic description of the pain, hysterical behavior, unrealistic expectations, and requirement for massive doses of opioid medications.

That damn RUC

The RVS Update Committee is one of the major reasons behind the flawed reimbursement system:

The RUC has 30 members (the chair only votes in case of a tie) with 23 of its members appointed by "national medical specialty societies." Meetings are closed to outside observation except by invitation of the chair. Only 3 of the seats rotate on a 2-year basis. Other members have no term limits.

"Seventeen ...


First, virtual hip replacement, now this. (via Dr. Wes)

"A profession dedicated to healing the sick has no place in the process of execution."

Is this true?

Nitpicking can be lucrative.

When it comes to health policy, I don't agree with Matthew Holt very often. But when it comes to John Edwards' exploitation of Nataline Sarkisyan, it is gratifying that someone from the left is calling him out on it.

As I've reiterated over and over and over again, any nationally-run, universal health care system would have to say no to some lifesaving procedures, just like ...


Scarily unhealthy. I got chest pains just from reading this. (via Ten out of Ten)

Staging a sit-in. Good idea.

NHS Blog Doctor is back

Rumored-to-be-dead Dr. Crippen returns. NHS, you're officially on notice.

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