Daniel Carlat looks at Spect scams scans and is not impressed:

Most neuromarketers are using these scans as a way of sprinkling glitter over their products, so that customers will be persuaded that the pictures are giving them a deeper understanding of their mind. In fact, imaging technologies are still in their infancy. And while overenthusiastic practitioners may try to leapfrog over the science, real progress, which will take decades, ...


The Physician Executive: "This study is meant to help guide us through the emotionally charged fear of breast cancer. It packs a huge punch for any woman even suspected of having the disease. On the other hand, we need to know the real (scientific= truth) value of doing a test. Perhaps the editorialist is saying that since it is an emotional matter, neither the data nor the truth matter, ...


Ezra Klein doesn't think so:

Until the provider community decides to step up and commit to one (or even a couple) standard electronic health record platforms, G-Health won't be much more than a curiosity.
That's true. Unless there is absolute seamless interaction between the EHR and G-Health, no physician will take the time to enter patient records into Google.

If Ezra wants a single, universal EHR ...


The Times doesn't often take an editorial stance sympathetic to the plight of physicians, so their opinion on "Sorry Works" is somewhat surprising:

Most victims of malpractice never sue, and there is some evidence that many patients who do sue were not harmed by a physician's error but instead suffered an adverse medical outcome that could not have been prevented . . .

. . . To encourage ...


1) Outrage that the VA would pressure counselors not to diagnose PTSD to save money.

No surprise. People revolt against private insurers who deny care to control costs. They'll soon find out that the government will be no different.

2) The WSJ called Massachusetts' health care plan the "new Big Dig".

Having lived in Boston for 10 or so years, I felt the brunt ...


Blogger has been having trouble for the past 2 days, leading to the inability to publish entries and comments. Apologies.

As an aside, if anyone knows a reliable consultant who can migrate a 400-megabyte, 12,000+ post Blogger blog to WordPress, I would appreciate suggestions.

For being elected to the ACP's Board of Regents.

Not so fast:

The CBO says that "both studies appear to significantly overstate the savings for the health care system as a whole"“and, by extension, for the federal budget" that health IT legislation could accomplish.


There is no incentive for physicians to disclose pricing if health insurers don't:

Brewer says that, despite all the complexity, he could publish his rates. But why should he tip his financial hand when health plans and hospitals keep their charges under wraps. Rates should be transparent, he writes, and when "the insurers and hospitals show theirs, I'll show mine."

And worse, don't give that computer away. (via The Medical Quack)

For $800? See it to believe it.


Edwin Leap: "If you can't remember why you're on disability, you shouldn't be on disability."

How to choose a cardiologist. Notice that of these three traits, availability comes first.

It doesn't matter how good you are if your access stinks. (via Dr. Wes)

Continuing coverage from MedPage Today and the NY Times.

A grim diagnosis.

Someone in the comments here called it early. Seizures and headaches are two of the most common presenting symptoms.

Treatment options would included a combined approach of post-operative radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Best wishes to Senator Kennedy and his family.

See what last night's episode did for amantadine. Also, a congrats to Scott Morrison who was noticed by the WSJ for his excellent analysis of every "House" episode.

Elusive diagnoses

The Happy Hospitalist is here to help.

Can the medical home deliver?

Daniel Carlat: "Why does the company believe it needs to give pens and pizzas to doctors in order to get them to prescribe their drugs? Are their products so ineffective that bribery is the key incentive for their use?"

Grief and death

What gets to this emergency physician?

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