Be a nurse

An inspiring post at Emergiblog.

Anesthesia awareness

How Hollywood isn't doing anesthesiologists any favors.

Despite the folly of this approach, "integrative medicine" is winning the fight.

It is being introduce in Australia with stern warnings. Something that the FDA has yet to address here.

Guess the diagnosis

The answer is here.

What was started by Daniel Carlat last week is turning into a full-fledged scandal.

Why cutting physician reimbursements and other Medicare tactics to cut costs aren't doing the job. Too bad cost-cutting makes for bad politics - talking about universal coverage is so much sexier:

So why aren't Medicare's cost control measures working? Because CMS has focused most of its efforts to limit spending on controlling prices. This strategy arises out of the mistaken belief that if they could just rein in the ...



If you think missing a doctor's appointment is no big deal, think again.

More physicians are ordering this test, despite the lack of evidence behind it. Can't say I blame them.

Broadening liability

Today's news gets worse as physicians are now vulnerable to this:

The state Supreme Judicial Court today ruled that a doctor can be sued over a car accident caused by his patient, greatly expanding potential liability for the medical profession . . .

. . . "This is one more straw on the backs of practicing physicians who feel the liability challenges out there are being broadened," said Dr. ...


Don't blame physicians for what's about to happen:

Some expect to see more Medicare patients to make up for cuts with higher volume. Dr. Shane Avery, a solo practitioner in Scottsburg, Ind., will ask patients to come to the office for everything, no matter how small. Medicare doesn't pay enough to cover his overhead for the range of services he provides outside of an office visit, such as phone ...


The largest verdict in Florida's history, and it started with a mid-level mistake.


Probably the biggest plug for this body part ever! (via a reader tip)

. . . don't wait until the next day to get an ultrasound.

Why it won't work here, a view from the Daily Kos no less:

The problem with 100% single-payer universal health care is that it requires a relatively healthy population, which we are not. We take pride in our 1,400 calorie thickburgers and driving to the mailbox. We likely use more prescription drugs per person than any other nation by a factor of five. You can't compare ...


Patients can blame the reimbursement system and malpractice environment for the lack of specialists in the ER:

The new study found several reasons why specialists avoid taking call. Many physicians are shifting focus from hospitals to their practices and outpatient facilities as more procedures are done outside of hospitals. Treating ED patients takes time and money away from office practices . . .

. . . Specialists also are ...


Robert Centor wonders.

Of course we are! The deck is stacked against the "art" of medicine. The malpractice environment favors objective results, and the reimibursement system does not reward thinking. That means more tests. Anyone surprised by this?

The personal statement

The personal statement is a rite of passage for those who apply to medical school and residency. Here are some tips to writing one.


Read about what happened here.

The resulting skin infectious are not pretty.

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