Medpundit retires

For the second time. This time I think she means it. One of the reasons why I started blogging myself, she will be missed.

Sexual device removal

Today's story brought to you by Shadowfax. I didn't know what a male chastity device was either.

Intense. (via Panda)

An increasingly common way patients are being cared for, and dangerous. Blame the reimbursement system:

Under the team-based health care delivery philosophy, physicians are supposed to communicate with each other but, as talking to other doctors is generally non-reimbursable time, communication suffers for the same reason every other poorly-reimbursed activity suffers. The danger is that patients who are being followed by a disorganized squad of specialists will receive ...


Has the Avandia debacle scared diabetics off all oral treatments completely? A ridiculous over-reaction which needs to be tempered immediately.

Pretty scary tidbit I read from retired doc:

. . . two large California medical groups have stopped hiring internists apparently because they can't do as much as FPs can and are more costly than NPs.
I wonder what the ACP is going to do about it.

Chronic pain

Pain is another touchy subject. A common-sense philosophy of how this ER physician approaches chronic pain patients.

Devaluing what a breakthrough really is, TIME posts it's easily promotable list without any regard to the cost or evidence.

ADHD medications

The Angry Pharmacist touches this controversial topic with his 10-foot pole.

Find out why. Another on-the-money post from this great blog.

"A system hell bent on creating obstructionist care at every step of the way."


A better appreciation of what we do. (via The Happy Hospitalist)

The patient handoff

And why doctors stink at it.

Reflecting on the last-minute, temporary reprieve on Medicare's pay cuts:

The constant threat of decreases and the absence of increases in recent years are leading doctors to re-think their commitment to caring for Medicare patients. The question is becoming acute for primary care doctors, who are faring worse than those in other specialties.

And people still wonder why primary care is being decimated?

State health reform

Is federal law going to make health reform at a state level impossible? (via the WSJ Health Blog)


The WSJ's Ben Brewer is having second thoughts.

Medical myths

Are you spreading these common myths to your patients?

An unwillingness to pay just a little bit is just one reason why health care costs are soaring:

There is a significant subset of the people who do not pay for their medical care who believe it is more cost effective to sit in an emergency department for several hours and to run up a bill of several hundred dollars than it is to drive to the Dollar Store ...


College and leukemia

How a student tries to fit college life around a tragic diagnosis.

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