Growing up with ADHD

College students diagnosed with ADHD as children are interviewed and give some insightful responses.

Panda Bear: "The stress of the job comes from the sure knowledge that while you are in the trauma bay resuscitating the critical patient your backlog of drug seekers and vague abdominal complaints is inexorably growing and, as these are the financial bread and butter of our profession, they may not be ignored."

A ridiculous lawsuit

A patient sues the hospital for allowing him to sign out AMA.

I'm telling ya, the more Ezra and Krugman gang up on Obama, the more appealing he is to me.

Just kick people off the waiting list. (via Instapundit)

1) My take is that the physician-only sites like Sermo and iMedExchange have fantastic, illuminating discussions that I read on a daily basis. Some of the gripes and stories relayed behind closed doors offer the most honest look at what's wrong with health care today. Part of me wishes that the public would be invited to see what's being said, so they can get a first-hand taste of ...


According to this consultant, it's 30 to 35 patients. That's a recipe for conveyor-belt medicine.

Simply being named in a lawsuit without merit gives a physician significant headache:

I spent about 20 hours on the lawsuit before it was dismissed - and another 10 hours afterward explaining it to prospective employers and malpractice carriers. Psychologically, the suit took a greater toll, especially when I felt that my academic career as a clinical gastroenterologist might be in jeopardy.

All this wasted time and emotional distress was ...


Residency generally gives little training in negotiating physician employment contracts. Here's an article that gives you a good head start.

Having the latest MGMA Compensation Survey and a good attorney on your side is essential in every contract negotiation.

Pain wars

How zealous persecution of pain physicians is affecting patients with legitimate pain, and how many other doctors are being gun-shy when it comes to treating pain:

Meanwhile, Dr. Schneider and his wife remain jailed without bond at the request of federal prosecutors pending a first court date later this month. His patients are now scrambling to find replacement doctors with little success, especially now that other local doctors see ...


Speculation on why Steven Haffner tipped off GSK on the NEJM's damning Avandia study.

Robert Centor with his suggestions.

So, which team was more dominant, the '72 Dolphins or '07 Patriots? A cardiologist does a statistical analysis.

Technical trouble

I'm aware of the technical trouble the blog is experiencing. Some pages are not rendering properly and prompting you to download a file.

Also, my feeds page is shot.

I'm working on it with my hosting service. If anyone else has any other suggestions, or find pages that don't load properly, please let me know.

Mandate wars

Obama and Clinton's plans are essentially the same, save for individual mandates for adults. I tend to agree with Obama, who focuses on costs above mandates.

As Massachusetts is finding out, an individual mandate still leaves people uninsured. Also, if the penalties aren't stiff enough, you see the ridiculous scenario of people paying not to have insurance.

Well, that's not very helpful for patients. This is how the malpractice climate is affecting this neurosurgeon:

When voters told physicians, "Three strikes, you're out," Dr. Douglas Martin cautiously pulled back. He dropped his malpractice insurance and cut his practice to three half days a week.

"The rest of the time, I trade stocks," said Martin, a neurosurgeon for almost 30 years. "It's actually more successful."

You can now safely do it with Medicare patients as well.

CBS News with a piece wondering if military and VA physicians should continue to be protected from medical malpractice under the Feres Doctrine.

The GSK mole: "Why I sent it is a mystery. I don't really understand it. I wasn't feeling well. It was bad judgment."

A bigger carrot

Someone gets it. To make a difference about quality, you have to make it worthwhile for the physician.

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