I have read many articles about professionals who left their career fields after many years and decided to teach. Many of them go into the public school system to share their knowledge and experience with the next generation. In fact, it sounds like a grand idea. Qualified teachers are a commodity of inestimable value. But I have been stricken by a comment made by many of those who changed careers Almost ...


The following op-ed was published on August 6th, 2007 in the New Hampshire Union Leader.

Medicare is planning to cut physician payment rates by 10 percent in 2008. These reductions will continue annually, and it is predicted that the total cuts will be about 40 percent by 2016.

The topic of physician compensation generally elicits little public sympathy. After all, the average primary ...


Some pre-holiday takes readers have asked me about.

Here's my take on . . .

1) . . . the Medicare cuts:
Next week is going to be an interesting week. My guess is that the Senate will hammer out something to avoid the 10% physician payment cuts. The question is, will the Republicans take money away from the Medicare Advantage plans? And will the ...


In the Clinic - Dr. Cherry Wongtrakool, MD, Discusses the Interpretation of Spirometry
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When push comes to shove, sometimes a few expletives is all that's needed to get your point across.

This can't be good for you: "Then they looked at the competitive eater. First, they noticed that his empty stomach showed virtually no peristalsis, the normal squeezing motion that helps the stomach break down food. He started eating hot dogs and his stomach got bigger and bigger. Ten minutes in, he'd eaten 36 dogs. He said he didn't feel full, but the researchers told him they'd seen enough."

How about some Krispy Kreme Bacon Cheeseburgers?

Or Grilled Twinkies?

Yummy, not.

(via Instapundit)

Where you can't find a no-frills policy, even if you tried.

Help make the fellow members of your team look good.

Best wishes

To Lauren, GruntDoc's daughter, who's in the hospital right now.

Ezra Klein with his take. Like most liberal wonks, he ignores the biggest problem with the plan - the lack of primary care access for the newly insured.

Universal coverage is useless if the primary care waiting lists are months long. Until this is rectified, calling the plan a success is wishful thinking.

Assisted suicide

A profitable business in some European countries, who perform the act for people who fear nursing homes.

The economy

Leading to an abortion boom?

The finality of the act is appealing: "When people don't have access to firearms and get it into their head that they don't think pills are going to work, they think there is something about the finality of [jumping] and think 'If I just do this it will be over.'"

Unintended consequences from a poor quality measure: "[It's] a flawed quality measure led to a lot of unnecessary antibiotic treatment (along with its accompanying risk of side effects, promotion of drug resistance, and C. diff). That's a bad thing."

Penis fracture

"There are certain sexual positions associated with a penile fracture . . ."

. . . rounding on patients with the department chair. Classy.

(via The Happy Hospitalist)

Delta P

A better way to assess pain?

Air ambulances

Are they really worth it? "Air ambulances cost a fortune, crash a lot, and don't necessarily get the patient to the hospital any faster. A shocking statistic (possibly even true) is that a crew member who worked 20 hours per week for 20 years would have a 40 percent chance of being killed in a crash."

Stomach surgery

Buckeye Surgeon: "You feel like a goddamn surgeon when you're in there doing it."

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