Medscape under fire

Bernard Carroll continues the criticism: "There seems to be a right hand "“ left hand problem at Medscape. Though I take Dr. Lundberg at his word about his intentions, I invite him to defend the products that actually appear under his oversight as editor-in-chief."

Edwin Leap thinks about it after meeting this patient who figured that disability was "tantamount to a career choice."

A problem when one in five young veterans are women: "When it comes to female reproductive health, contraception, pregnancy, and disorders of menstruation, the VA system is simply not equipped to handle that."

Is the field growing too fast?

"100 percent cosmo"

What separates the bat boys from the heavy hitters in plastic surgery: "If I get less and less money for the reconstructive cases, the only way to maintain or increase income is to drop reconstructive cases for cosmetic cases."

A self-inflicted wound: "The remarkably anemic response of the AMA and AAFP to the aggressively ascendant doctor-nurses, of course, merely reflects how truly weakened the position of PCPs has become. PCPs are, and have allowed themselves to become, well and truly screwed."

Taking on George Lundberg: "Like a cornered animal, Lundberg wildly lashes out all progressive forces in medicine."


Don't you hate it when bugs crawl into your ear?

Medicine isn't 100%: "You see, the entire industrial complex of healthcare technology and innovation was shaken, not because Mr. Russert was a nice guy and great journalist, but rather because they will have to explain why their technology isn't worth a damn at predicting heart attacks.

Welcome, my friends, to the world of real-life medicine rather than marketing."

Patients with inflated expectations demanding medical perfection, or doctors who overprescribe tests?

Merrill Goozner (predictably) takes the anti-physician stance. I think it's a bit of both.

Topol on Russert

The famed cardiologist gives his take. (via Clinical Cases)

How? On compassion and empathy.

It's a problem when patients are telling you that you're over-prescribing narcotics.

You ain't seen nothing yet: "By 2025, the wait to see a doctor could get a lot longer if the current number of students training to be primary care physicians doesn't increase soon . . . the U.S. could face a shortage of up to 44,000 family physicians and general internists in less than 20 years, due to a skewed compensation system that rewards specialists increasingly more than primary ...


If I Had - A Penetrating Eye Injury - Dr. Matthew Gardiner, MD
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Intern year

Scalpel: "This first year as a physician is the foundation for the rest of your career."

Take a walk in our shoes: "I signed up for this job, and I continue to do it. I still don't want to quit. But that does not mean that the daily burden of risk does not take its toll. That toll is fatigue and chronic anxiety for many. That toll becomes bitterness when coupled with a system that keeps lowering what they pay us while ...


There is no doubt that there will be a temporary productivity loss for the first few weeks after implementing any electronic record system.

Most physicians do not have the benefit of a health IT dream team supporting them.


(via ER Stories)

Get a life

Or, how this doctor schedules one.

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