Medical liability crisis full of myths
"As a practicing neurosurgeon, my patients and I experience the medical liability crisis each day. I am struggling to continue to provide them with timely and effective medical care amid sky-high medical liability insurance costs. We are in a life-threatening crisis that needs a real solution quickly. Nothing frustrates me more than not debating the real issues. The discussion is rife with myths."

Merck drug increased risk - study
"A study sponsored by the US Food and Drug Administration estimates that Merck painkiller Vioxx, withdrawn from the market in September, could have caused 27,785 heart attacks or deaths since it was approved in 1999."

It's looking bleaker for Merck. The abstract for that study was previously mentioned here.

Big win in Nevada
"Word from Nevada, via the Las Vegas Review-Journal's website, is that the doctor-sponsored Question Three is sailing to enactment by a 60-40 margin, while the lawyer-sponsored counter-initiatives, Questions Four (insurance rates) and Five (sneakily mislabeled a measure against frivolous suits) are going down to defeat, 36-64 and 38-62 respectively."

Oregon: Award cap results too close to call
"The vote on Measure 35, the closest of all the statewide ballot measures, remained undecided early this morning."

Florida: Most amendments OK'd
"The long-running battle between doctors and lawyers over medical-malpractice insurance produced three proposed constitutional amendments - and voters approved them all.

Lawyers won amendments to give the public more information about doctors' mistakes and to take away the medical license of doctors who make several medical errors. Doctors won with an amendment limiting the percentage of winnings that lawyers can claim as payment in malpractice ...


Wyoming: Voters pan tort reform amendments
Apparently, the preliminary results earlier were mistaken.

Wyoming Amendments C and D
"The amendments would authorize the legislature to set limits on damages in medical liability. According to this AP tabulation, via the Casper Star Tribune, C is leading by a 60-40 margin and D by a 56-44 margin."

More good news.

Fla. amendments headed for passage
"With 22 percent of precincts reporting, Florida's Amendment 3 to limit lawyers' fees in malpractice cases is leading with 1,291,647 or 64.4% of votes "yes" and 715,125 or 35.6% "no". Barring a truly unprecedented turnaround, the measure seems headed for passage by a comfortable margin, a crushing defeat for both the Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers and for the Florida Bar Association and American ...


Liveblogging the ballot measures tonight is livelogging the various medical malpractice measures tonight.

Blogs Send Stocks Lower on Talk of Kerry Victory
Not medically related, but underscores the power of blogs.

Low-Carb Food Sales Slow as American Craze Cools
"The clock is ticking for makers of packaged foods aimed at low-carb dieters as more U.S. consumers are abandoning the protein-heavy regimens. abandoning the protein-heavy regimens."

As has been discussed before, the jury is still out as to whether there is any long-term weight loss from low-carb diets.

Our 'Kindness Deficit' of Care
"People with money and access command topnotch care. Those without scramble for what they can get. Big businesses negotiate good group-health insurance. Small businesses are pushed against the wall. The healthy find private policies, the sick get kicked out. That's the American Way."

Election Day Grand Rounds
Come and see the weekly best of the medical blogs. Hosted by medpundit.

Commentary: Defining a Doctor, With a Tear, a Shrug and a Schedule
"My month with the intern of the past and the intern of the future certainly argues for the power of the individual work ethic. Try as I might, it was not within my power to modify the way either of them functioned. The woman cared too much. The man cared too little. She worked too hard, and ...


Make VA electronic medical record systems available to all physicians
I second this notion. Of all the EMRs I have used, the VA system is the most polished, comprehensive, and evolved.

A MICRAscope: RAND's methodical inspection of California's tort reform law
A look at the effects of non-economic caps in California.

Girl with rare disease doesn't know pain

Merck tried to bury Vioxx concerns for years
"Internal e-mails and other documents from Merck & Co. show the company fought for years to keep safety concerns from undermining the drug's commercial prospects, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday."

Growing movement reduces wait to see doctor
The push for open access.

Medicine's new menu
"Four-star hospitals? Thumbs up or down on medical clinics? MRIs listed from "$" to "$$$"?

One of the biggest challenges for the hot, new "consumer-driven" health plans might be delivering them without looking like a restaurant review."

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