Heart Scanner Stirs New Hope and a Debate
A discussion on the latest and greatest - multidetector CT scans (MDCT) for coronary artery disease, along with all the controversy of an emerging technology: "Depending on which way the scanning market goes, the nation could save a fortune on diagnostic tests, and medical care could be improved. Or expenses could soar and patients could be harmed. The question is, how, ...


The DTC Debate
Trent responds to my articles on DTC marketing yesterday. I've read and appreciated his prior articles detailing the economic impact of DTC marketing. He writes:

Anyway, the other point that needs to be made is this: even if you think that direct-to-consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals needs to be restricted, it is extremely disingenuous for physicians to make these claims. For they are direct beneficiaries of ...


New study finds low-fat beats low-carb
Further emphasizing the fade of low-carb diets. That being said, Hardee's is going against the grain with a 2/3 pound, 1,420 calorie burger with 107 grams of fat.

Malpractice costs level off
"Malpractice attorney Marc L. Breakstone attributed the drop in settlements partly to President Bush's highly publicized efforts to cap malpractice awards, suggesting that his many speeches criticizing excessive malpractice payments may have tilted juries against people who claim they were injured by medical mistakes."

Smart or Misguided? The Proactive Doctor
Are you a "seeker" or a "waiter"?

Grand Rounds 8
DB's Medical Rants is hosting this week's best of the medical blogs. shrinkette is hosting next week.

Previous Grand Rounds are archived here. If you are interested in hosting future Grand Rounds, you can email Nick at Blogborygmi.

Get your million dollars from Vioxx lawsuit
Can't say that I'm surprised (via Overlawyered).

US FDA Tells Pfizer to Pull 'Wild Thing' Viagra Ads
"Pfizer Inc. has been asked to pull two television advertisements for its Viagra impotence drug by U.S. officials who say the "wild thing" ads make unsubstantiated claims about a return of sexual desire."

A reader kindly alerted me to this. All I can say is THANK GOD - of all the ads for erectile dysfunction, this campaign was ...


Bush's 2nd term health agenda pushes liability reform, HSAs
What to expect over the next four years.

Poor health, not lack of insurance, drives ED visits
This study was previously cited. This further emphasizes the importance of increasing primary care access as well as curtailing defensive medicine to help alleviate congestion at the ER.

State tort reform ballot wins set stage for further battles
Further summarizing the recent tort-reform initiatives.

TV and Web Ads Equally Effective, Says Study
(scroll down) "A study conducted for pharmaceutical giant Pfizer has concluded that video ads on the Internet are equally as effective as TV ads. The study, conducted by Millward Brown and involving U.S. consumers, determined that TV and online video advertising were each able to convey "a distinctive and memorable message and influence viewers." In a statement, Kaki Hinton, vice president of ...


Doctors go back to the drawing board
Physicians ponder the next step in Oregon, where a cap for jury malpractice awards was narrowly defeated.

New Malpractice Concern: Waking in Surgery
"The country's top patient-safety watchdog group has issued an alert about the dangers of waking up during surgery -- a warning that many in the legal and health professions say could trigger more malpractice suits against anesthesiologists."

Doctor sues lawyer for legal malpractice
The tables are turned.


I have added a Tagboard (powered by NVNCBL) to the right-hand column, allowing for real-time discussion of medically-related topics.

This blog has grown significantly since its inception 6 months ago (thank you!), attracting diverse following of physicians, support-staff, students and those outside of health care. Medicine is a dynamic field, with many stories and studies breaking throughout the day. My goal is to have an ...


Litigious risks to your health
"In 2002, the entire global vaccine manufacturing industry had roughly $6 billion in sales. But that same year, trial lawyers sought $30 billion in damages against the industry in just one lawsuit. The damages sought by the lawyers were fivefold the entire industry's net income. And now more than 350 similar lawsuits are pending.

So the trial bar has destroyed ...


Safety first
shrinkette talks about an episode with threatening patient, influenced by substance abuse.

Race-Based Medicine Continued...
The NYTimes on BiDil and the effects of race-based medication.

Dangerous Data: Despite Warnings, Drug Giant Took Long Path to Vioxx Recall
A thorough and fascinating missive on Merck and Vioxx. A must-read.

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