A 10-year old boy was arrested for attempting to bring a glass of water to Terri Schiavo
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The United States is the only industrialized country in the world allowing full direct to consumer advertising of prescription medicines
Like universal health care, the United States is one step behind the rest of the world.

Down a slippery slope
"The makers of all products and the providers of all services are obliged to warn the public of possible mishaps: the medical profession should follow suit. Surgeons should protect themselves against being sued by making patients sign a consent form in which it is clearly stated that the patient understands, along with the other risks, that the operation may be unnecessary and could be poorly performed.


For the legislators, mixing politics and medicine is a double-edged sword
"There are 12 medical doctors, 3 dentists, and 3 nurses in Congress, and most did not publicly invoke their medical experience during the Schiavo debate. Among them was Senator Tom Coburn, Republican of Oklahoma and a family practice doctor, who said in an interview, 'I don't think you have to examine her. All you have to do is ...


Our own CodeBlueBlog is hosting this week's Carnival of the Vanities
Come see what other blogs have to offer outside the medical blogosphere.

The NEJM opines on the Schiavo case

There was a steep jump last year in payments for malpractice claims against physicians in Pennsylvania
"The 2004 figure broke the previous record, which had been set in 2001."

A bill was introduced last week limiting the airing of erectile-dysfunction ads

Defensive medicine in a nutshell
"You do things to avoid being sued and it so affects what you charge. You order tests even when there is only a marginal chance that something will be found, and the cost is unbelievable. Some malpractice premiums are $100,000 a year. That has to come out of what the patients pay.'' (via Common Good)

A quarter of medical staff in the UK were abused or harassed by patients in the last year
Certainly getting dangerous in the medical workplace. This story from my old stomping grounds hit home.

Three crisis states show improvement since tort reform
"'I liken this with taking an aspirin for bringing a fever down,' said Evan Jenkins, executive director of the West Virginia State Medical Assn. and a state senator. 'Trial lawyers want you to think when you take the medicine, you'll see the effects immediately, but it takes a little time.'"

Grand Rounds XXVI can be found at The Well-Timed Period
Come get your weekly best of the medical blogosphere.

Cedars-Sinai shelved its $34 million EHR after three months
A cautionary tale showing that a transition to EHR is easier said than done.

The Schiavo case illlustrates the importance of advanced directives

GruntDoc and symtym are featured in a medblogging article

A pediatrician was sued for prescribing medication without seeing the patient
"Dr. Gustave Kreh is doctor at Pediatric Associates of Savannah. He's treated kids like Gabrielle for almost 30 years. He used to think nothing of calling in a prescription for something minor, but not any more.

'It has to be a case-by-case basis, but we will be very hesitant to call in a prescription without seeing a ...


A cardiologist implanted a pacemaker he bought on eBay
"Advanced Cardiac Specialists, a statewide physicians practice with offices in the East Valley, bought two pacemakers on eBay for $411, according to Sacramento, Calif., police and medical board records. The devices are worth about $6,000 each."

A reporter reflects in the doctor's waiting room
"In the doctor's office, you always have to wait your turn. So you learn to make the best of the time in a quiet corner of captivity."

The Bioethics Discussion Blog advises not to mix medicine with politics in the Schiavo case
"If the U.S. House and Senate agree on a law which President Bush signs tomorrow which will permit the family of Terri Schiavo to attempt to overturn 7 years of detailed and consistent judgments in the Florida courts by starting the whole process in the federal courts, does everyone realize what the consequences of this ...


Why a doctor chooses to serve as a plaintiff's expert

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