The Chicago Tribune takes a detailed look at the pros and cons of the hospitalist movement

A Canadian nightclub had a contest giving away free breast implants
"A woman who won breast implants at a nightclub contest ignored gospel singers protesting the event, saying she has a right to do what she wants with her body."

Compared worldwide, over 20 percent less people in the US use generic medications
"The lower number of generic alternatives available in the USA compared to those available worldwide is one of the main reasons that health care costs in the United States are the highest in the world per capita. The reason for the greater number of generic drugs available outside of the United States is that US patent laws ...


Harvard's teaching hospitals are thinking of saying "I'm sorry" after medical errors
"Harvard Medical School's major teaching hospitals are considering adopting a sweeping disclosure policy that would establish detailed procedures for physicians to openly acknowledge medical errors and other bad results to their patients, and provide for training in apologizing."

Congress is trying to find ways to reverse the upcoming cut in Medicare reimbursement

"Handcuffs and Stethoscopes": The NY Times writes about these being dangerous times to be a pain management doctor
"As quarry for D.E.A. agents, doctors offered several advantages over crack dealers. They were not armed. They were listed in the phone book. They kept office hours and records of their transactions. And unlike the typical crack dealer living with his mother, they had valuable assets that could be seized and ...


Congratulations to Michelle Au, for giving birth to a beautiful baby boy

The story of how the impact of a breast cancer diagnosis affects the family
"Lots of well-meaning, cheery people tell me everything is going to be fine because breast cancer turned out fine for their Aunt Louise or their cousin Helga.

But when my doctor discusses the possibility of whacking off part of my body, frying me with radiation and pumping me full of toxic chemicals that will make ...


The push is on for malpractice health courts
"But Ellington added that the current malpractice system deprives most injured patients of access to the courts, funnels as much as half an award to lawyers and experts, generates millions of dollars in defense costs, and can prolong awards for years.

The cost of that system is driving up the costs of medical care and limiting patient access to doctors, especially ...


Another doctor as a patient: Learning from an ordeal with ovarian cancer
"It will likely make me a better doctor for having experienced all of this."

An Australian doctor risks prosecution for giving a patient advice on euthanasia
"A MELBOURNE doctor risks prosecution after confessing he has helped a terminally ill man who wants to die.

Voluntary euthanasia activist Rodney Syme yesterday revealed he had supplied information to Steve Guest, a former state government media adviser, who has appealed for the right to die with dignity.

Mr Guest, who has inoperable cancer of the ...


A Florida pain management doctor is sentenced 25 years
"They stood one by one, more than a dozen people, heaping praise on their beloved former family physician Dr. Denis Deonarine.

They lauded the 60-year-old Jupiter doctor for being an old-fashioned practitioner who gave patients his home phone number and spent a lot of time with them during office visits."

Another reason not to do chronic pain management. ...


A doctor talks about what he learned as a cancer patient
"I've been in practice for 23 years, and my experience as a cancer patient has taught me a few things, and confirmed things I suspected all along."

A surgeon was found liable for leaving a needle in a patient
"Heymann had called Iraci in to help him find the needle, and the two doctors spent hours searching for it, eventually closing up Faas' abdomen without locating it."

Those must have been anxious hours trying the find that needle.

Irony: Using the Merck Manual against Merck in the Vioxx trials
"However, plaintiffs attorney Mark Lanier argues that the sudden death left no time for Ernst's heart to show damage. During Santanello's earlier testimony, Lanier pointed out that Merck's medical manual says arrhythmia in some form occurs in more than 90 percent of heart attack patients."

10 latent TB cases are linked to the surgical resident who had active TB
"Nine healthcare workers at the hospital who tested positive for TB in recent weeks also probably contracted their infections from the physician, said Dr. Anita Barry, top disease tracker at the Boston Public Health Commission."

Medicare will give away the VA's EHR to physician practices
"Now, however, Medicare, which says the lack of electronic records is one of the biggest impediments to improving health care, has decided to step in. In an unprecedented move, it said it planned to announce that it would give doctors - free of charge - software to computerize their medical practices. An office with five doctors could save more ...


A doctor follows an erratic motorist on way to a crash and gives first aid
"An Athens physician expected to spend his lunch hour at home Wednesday, but instead rescued a diabetic motorist who crashed into a garage."

A NY heart surgeon was beat up by cops: Did race play a role?
"Moss said he started to follow, but the officers grabbed him. He said he introduced himself as a doctor, but officers yelled at him to back off and one pushed him in the chest, forced him to the ground and handcuffed him.

He said his shoulder separated, and he had to put it into its ...


retired doc talks about time pressures
"Physicians have allowed their practice terms of engagement to be dictated by others either directly as in some HMOs or large clinics or indirectly by insurance plans controlling the fees to the point where physicians decide that in order to survive economically they have to increase their output by seeing more patients in less time. Their job satisfaction plummets, patients get short changed ...


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