New Malpractice Concern: Waking in Surgery
"The country's top patient-safety watchdog group has issued an alert about the dangers of waking up during surgery -- a warning that many in the legal and health professions say could trigger more malpractice suits against anesthesiologists."

Doctor sues lawyer for legal malpractice
The tables are turned.


I have added a Tagboard (powered by NVNCBL) to the right-hand column, allowing for real-time discussion of medically-related topics.

This blog has grown significantly since its inception 6 months ago (thank you!), attracting diverse following of physicians, support-staff, students and those outside of health care. Medicine is a dynamic field, with many stories and studies breaking throughout the day. My goal is to have an ...


Litigious risks to your health
"In 2002, the entire global vaccine manufacturing industry had roughly $6 billion in sales. But that same year, trial lawyers sought $30 billion in damages against the industry in just one lawsuit. The damages sought by the lawyers were fivefold the entire industry's net income. And now more than 350 similar lawsuits are pending.

So the trial bar has destroyed ...


Safety first
shrinkette talks about an episode with threatening patient, influenced by substance abuse.

Race-Based Medicine Continued...
The NYTimes on BiDil and the effects of race-based medication.

Dangerous Data: Despite Warnings, Drug Giant Took Long Path to Vioxx Recall
A thorough and fascinating missive on Merck and Vioxx. A must-read.

Man, 82, with Alzheimer's abandoned
I think Spain needs better case managers.

Addition to the blogroll

I have added JournalClub to my blogroll, featuring insight into recent medical studies by a cardiologist.

Vioxx, the implosion of Merck, and aftershocks at the FDA
"Investigations by the Wall Street Journal have revealed e-mails that confirm Merck executives' knowledge of their drug's adverse cardiovascular profile-the risk was "clearly there", according to one senior researcher. Merck's marketing literature included a document intended for its sales representatives which discussed how to respond to questions about Vioxx-it was labelled "Dodge Ball Vioxx". Given this disturbing contradiction- Merck's ...


The worth of a physician

Some interesting back and forth going on in the comments from this thread. An excerpt:

I'm just sick of seeing people like my second cousin (30 years old)-- a guy who makes $140K per year, dines out at the finest restaurants each week for $400, has an extensive wine collection valued at $60K, two plasma TV's valued at $16K, a summer home in the Hamptons worth $1 million ...


Doctors Don'Â’t Agree on Bextra Risk
The evidence behind the risk of Bextra isn't nearly as conclusive as Vioxx, so far. This story details the preliminary nature of the data.

Doctors: Oxycontin Getting Bad Rap
"For every person who abuses these drugs you don't hear about the tens of thousands of people who are suffering with persistent pain which is not adequately treated."

The Illness: Secrecy by Aides and Silence by Doctors Persists, and What Killed Arafat Is Still a Mystery
More speculation.

Elizabeth waited too long
"Elizabeth Edwards admits she did not get a mammogram for four years - an oversight that may have allowed her breast cancer to remain undetected."

Emphasizing the importance of breast cancer screening.

Biopsy finds Elizabeth Edwards' breast cancer has not spread
Good news indeed.

New Study Links Pfizer's Bextra, Similar to Vioxx, to Heart Attacks
"This is a time bomb waiting to go off."

The data is retrospective, and thus not nearly as robust as the Vioxx data, which was randomized. That being said, a black box warning adds to the bad day Bextra is having, for an association with Stevens-Johnson syndrome.

Pfizer defends the allegations, but ...


Tenn. may dissolve state health care program
Medpundit foresaw the end last month.

Canada Warns It Cannot Be the Drugstore to U.S.
"It is difficult for me to conceive of how a small country like Canada could meet the prescription drug needs of approximately 280 million Americans without putting our own supply at serious risk."

High doses of vitamin E may be risky
The study wasn't sure of the cause of this increased risk. Many people take additional vitamin E supplements for the prevention of heart disease. There is strong evidence against this practice. Many of the "beneficial" studies were observational studies, often the poorest form of evidence. A randomized trial showed no evidence that vitamin E prevented any cardiovascular ...


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